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    Game:Bear and BreakfastPublisher:Armor GamesDeveloper:Gummy CatGenre:SimulationTested for:SwitchAvailable for:SwitchUSK:Released in:11/2022.

    After a fire, people flew. Those who were satisfied with the hustle and bustle and the unmistakable garbage left behind, were to the greatest delight of many animals. It doesn’t sound very educational, but the humor and the talking animals make this story so much more fun than the cartoon-like touch. In the mixed game of motel and agriculture, Hank the bear uses his powers to lure people into the forest without money and time.

    To make it easier, you make wood, rock and other materials, and use them to make a furniture that you can use in twopoint, plantable buildings. As far as they go, demand increased, and the guest need rooms nicer, so there is little control when the north-east guest is cold or need to prepare food in the kitchen regularly. Unfortunately, the fundamental principles have many flaws which make it hard to live. The controls are clear for the PC and all are intuitive. It’s impossible for some of the steps involved in the building or just the preparation of meals. In addition, the switch has deteriorated steadily, the constant jerking and the danger of falling are constant companions. The little bear adventure saves regularly so that only five minutes of valuable time in working and farming is lost.

    Opinion & rating; opinion & rating; rating.

    Steffen Heller says: Happy Birthday, frightened. My Fun-O-Meter can’t really do the Switch performance. I sincerely hope that the developers will find many more issues related to design. I had to work out how to use the menu myself. But it was very difficult even after eight hours. I had hoped you would learn a lot from two pointseries that works great on console. Unfortunately, the developers make even the simplest steps unnecessarily complicated, and consequently became more and more popular.

    Likeable motel simulation suffers from technical and design flaws.

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