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    Updated September 11, 2023

    We brawled, battled, and slammed our way to some new codes.

    Brawlhalla is one of my favorite free-to-play games, partially because it’s so zany and customizable. Whether I’m playing as Hattori or queuing up for a match as Barraza, I always know I’m going to have a good time brawling with my friends or other online players. One thing that helps me enjoy the game even more is the Brawlhalla code system.

    Brawlhalla codes give me access to fun bundles and cosmetics so I can always stand out on the battlefield. If I’m trying to look for new skins or want to customize one of the freshest characters on my roster, I can turn to codes to get some extra help.

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    All Brawlhalla Codes List

    Brawlhalla Codes (Working)

    Here’s a look at all of the currently working Brawlhalla codes.

    • GQTG6J-BB8CJZ—Redeem to unlock the Iron Legion Bundle
    • X1RHS4-9GF2KB—Redeem to unlock Space Dogfighter Bundle

    Brawlhalla Codes (Expired)

    These codes for Brawlhalla no longer work.

    • P97TJ9-Z521XV—Redeem for the Mysterious Stranger Bundle (This is an Amazon Prime one-time code)

    Brawlhalla FAQ

    Here’s everything you need to know about redeeming codes in Brawlhalla.

    How to Redeem Brawlhalla Codes

    To redeem Brawlhalla codes, first go to the Main Menu. After that, head to Store at the very bottom of the list. If you can’t find it, look where it says Play at the top, then look all the way down until you find Store at the end.

    When on the Store menu, look at the bottom left-hand corner where there are three purple buttons. Click on the bottom one titled Redeem Code. Once that has been clicked, a new window will appear. Type the code or copy and paste it into the text field. After that, hit Enter to submit your code. If the code works, it will tell you by giving you a pop-up that describes the reward you just redeemed. If the code has not worked, an error message will appear that informs you the code could not be submitted.

    How do you get more Brawlhalla codes?

    Sometimes, Brawlhalla gives away codes on their Twitch streams. This doesn’t happen all the time, but they do release them on occasion. Usually, they wait until the very end of the stream to give out codes. Check the Brawlhalla Facebook page to see if they plan on releasing codes in the upcoming Twitch stream.

    Why aren’t my Brawlhalla codes working?

    If your code was not accepted, there are two probable reasons for this. The first reason a code will be rejected is that it has expired and is no longer active. The second reason a code might not be working is that the code has been entered incorrectly. To fix this, be extra careful when entering your code to make sure the spelling and format are correct.

    What is Brawlhalla?

    Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game that spans multiple platforms and has a play style reminiscent of games like Super Smash Bros. Fighters congregate on a platform of multiple players, all competing to push each other off of the ring. To win, you need to try and be the last brawler standing.

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