The following comprises spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1060, “Luffy’s Dream,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, obtainable in English from Viz Media.

Chapter 1060 of One Piece, “Luffy’s Dream,” ended on fairly the cliffhanger. On their approach to the following island, the Straw Hat Pirates got here throughout Jewelry Bonney of the Worst Generation. Her look right now might suggest that she’ll be becoming a member of the Straw Hats on their subsequent journey.

Something about all of that is vaguely acquainted. It’s not the primary time the Straw Hats welcomed somebody aboard their ship solely to have their place taken by one other individual completely. This is exactly the type of bait-and-switch that was pulled with Nico Robin on the best way out of Alabasta.

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To make clear here is what occurred with Nico Robin. Originally, the Alabasta Arc was anticipated to finish with Vivi becoming a member of the Straw Hats as their sixth member. Unfortunately for them, she determined to remain behind for the sake of her kingdom. Her would-be place aboard the ship was as an alternative stuffed by Nico Robin, whom Luffy had saved and was thus chargeable for.

At the time, no one knew what to make of this narrative resolution. Vivi was the one that they had gotten to know over time. Nico Robin, or “Miss All Sunday” as she was higher recognized on the time, was a former affiliate of Baroque Works who specialised in assassination. This did not even appear near a correct trade-off.

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However, Robin finally proved herself worthy of being aboard Luffy’s ship. She even turned a everlasting member of the crew who everybody would danger their lives to save lots of. Vivi may need been good, however there is no denying what Robin delivered to the desk.

An analogous bait-and-switch appears to be taking place with Bonney. Recently, the Straw Hats have been able to welcome Yamato aboard their ship in order that they could possibly be pirates collectively. However, the Oni Princess determined to remain in Wano and shield it from invaders. With that, Bonney will now be filling no matter mattress Yamato would have had aboard the Thousand Sunny.

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In a means, Yamato wasn’t the one character who was teased to be finally boarding the Sunny. Numerous followers have been additionally anticipating Carrot to affix the crew sooner or later. However, she was later referred to as to be the following chief of the Minks, so she needed to finish her journey with Luffy, too. This makes Bonney boarding the Sunny a double bait-and-switch.

The rabbot gap arguably goes even deeper than this. In Chapter 1059, “The Matter Involving Captain Koby,” Boa Hancock was proven considering leaving Amazon Lily for its security. As for the place she would go, she thought of getting married to Luffy. Again. The latter level was performed for laughs, however optimistic Hancock followers took it as an indication that she might sometime be part of the Straw Hats on their adventures. This makes Bonney boarding the ship first a triple bait-and-switch.

Even Chapter 1060 itself teased the concept of the Straw Hats going to get Vivi. After studying that the princess of Alabasta had gone lacking, Luffy, Chopper, Nami, and Sanji all needed to go save her. However, Zoro identified what a nasty thought this was; apart from the hazard of invading Navy Headquarters, none of them have been sure of Vivi’s standing. They must belief Vivi to care for herself till they have been sure she was in simple hazard. Thus, not solely did Vivi miss one other likelihood to be with the Straw Hats, however Bonney is now chargeable for a quadruple bait-and-switch.

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Of course, none of that is to say that Bonney goes to turn into a brand new Straw Hat. She’s merely a lady misplaced at sea that the Straw Hats saved. For now, it is best to view her as a visitor aboard the ship like Caribou or Kin’emon. Since she’s one other member of the Worst Generation, she might briefly ally with Luffy as Trafalgar Law did.

Whether this was all one huge callback or just a coincidence, there is no denying how reminiscent that is of what occurred with Robin. Someone being welcomed aboard Luffy’s ship, lacking out on the chance, and being changed by another person completely simply does not occur that always. Unless Bonney is concerned. Then it might occur 4 instances over.

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