Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Characters List


    Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an indie game in which you go around the city while spray-tagging walls, grinding on railings with your skates, and collecting beats. All while listening to the popular soundtrack composed by Hideki Naganuma, the composer of Jet Set Radio. The game features multiple characters that you can unlock and choose to use. I’ve made a list for you below.

    All Characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

    Red is the main character you’ll play the game with as you go out on your quest to reach the All City status. Your goal will be to expand your influence and add more people to your crew. The characters I’ve listed below are going to join your crew once you’ve finally found them.

    • Rave
    • Mesh
    • Vinyl
    • Shine
    • Rise
    • Solace
    • Red

    Use their help to spread your colors throughout the city and collect as many beats as possible! Doing so will earn you REP to help with your progression.

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    Each character adds to your nostalgic and abstract gameplay through Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. The game is highly rated by the gaming community for its bright-colored, 90s-themed graphics. Using these characters, you’ll set out on your goal to take territories, earn reputation, and solve puzzles as you set out on an adventure to be the best crew around.

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