Blox Fruits Rengoku Sword Guide



    Part of the fun of Blox Fruits is grinding for those really rare weapons. Well, Blox Fruits players should try finding the Rengoku Sword. It’s an incredibly rare item, one of the 12 legendary swords. It’s also busted, though, and anyone wielding the sword will become OP very quickly.

    Where to find the Rengoku Sword in Blox Fruits

    There is one place that gamers can find the Rengoku Sword in Blox Fruits. Go to the second sea and find the Ice Castle. Inside is a boss called the Awakened Ice Admiral. Players can either challenge him or the other NPC’s there for a hidden key.

    This key has a 1-5% drop rate from the Awakened Ice Admiral, and fighting the NPC’s give an even worse drop rate (less than 1%). Therefore, gamers are most likely going to be grinding this Ice Castle for a very long time.

    If the hidden key drops, though, players are going to want to look for the stairs and head to the right. Inside the wall is a secret room where the box of the Rengoku Sword is kept.

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    What is the moveset for the Rengoku Sword in Blox Fruits?

    There are two moves that players can learn with the Rengoku Sword. They both require lots of mastery, so I recommend grinding the sword up on bosses right after obtaining it. Those moves are as follows:

    Demon Slayer: User bolts forward in a straight line. If the sword makes contact, unleashes a flurry of slashes at the target. Unlocked at 150 Mastery

    Burning Slash: User slashes horizontally, firing off a beam that burns the ground on which it travels. This move applies a burn that causes tick damage over time. Unlocked at 375 Mastery.

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