Blown TD6 – Monk’s Guide to Beasts (Beast Handler’s Guide)



    A short guide with tips and explanations about the new tower that was released in update 36.0.

    Unlocking Beast Handler

    Skip if you have already done this!

    So this should be something most people should have figured out on their own, but if you didn’t talk to the monkey with glasses and a pink explorer hat in the main menu to unlock Beast Handler, ‘Epic Select ‘. Quest Beast’, and complete the three-part quest! After that, you unlock the Beast Handler!

    As for how to unlock upgrades and such.. well, it’s the same as all other towers: use the tower in the game, get exp, spend exp on the way to upgrades. Use etc.

    Best Power and Integration

    Some monks are confused about what purple numbers and integrations do, so I’ll add that to the guide.

    When you upgrade your monkey animal (either way), you may have noticed purple numbers appearing on your upgrade and above your monkey. This is called ‘Beast Power’ in the game

    Beast Power is something you get from upgrading and merging your monster beasts. As far as it does, it increases your animal’s DPS. In the case of the upper path (as shown in the image above) the beast’s power also turns water beasts into .. which is similar to the midpath buccaneer’s harpoon, except it does not have a cooldown attached. occurs and is limited by the strength of the animal on which it is able to pull down. Oh, and limited range.

    As for how the merge works, first you need to buy another beast handler, choose the same beast path as the other one, then you’ll see a purple merge button appear next to your beast upgrade.

    Click the Merge button, click the Beast Handler you want to merge, and your chosen Beast Handler will become strong!

    Also, in case you’re wondering, unlike Sun Temple Sacrifice, merging one animal’s handler with another doesn’t remove the other’s handler. Also, you can spend your coins to upgrade other beast handlers instead of buying a ton of beast handlers just to merge. 4 beast handlers are usually enough, at least to reach T5 beasts. Oh and beast handlers don’t need to be in range of each other to merge. You can place them on the other side of the map if you want.

    Integration limits and maximum power requirements

    In the integration section, I have explained how to integrate. Also, you may have noticed that in the upgrade section, it shows you with two purple numbers, like 4/6.

    To the left of the upgrade, it shows how much Beast Power it has, while to the right it shows the extent of the Beast’s upgrade. Each time you upgrade, your animal gets stronger, increasing the range. Each animal’s level paths give you the same power and limitations. You don’t need to learn this list but if anyone is curious:

    • T1 (Tier 1 Upgrade) gives you a 1/1 and obviously requires one of your best handlers to upgrade.
    • T2 gives you 3/6 and requires 2 (total) T2 Beast Handlers (of same path) to max out.
    • T3 gives you 8/24 and requires 3 T3 Beast Handlers to max out.
    • T4 gives you 16/64 and requires 4 T4’s.
    • T5 should technically give you 36/132 for a T5 Beast Handler, but since you have as many other Beast Handlers controlling it, the actual total number is 84/132 and it’s max. 1 T5 and 6 T4 total are required to maximize. completely

    Do Best Handler Positions Matter?

    So, one thing you can figure out is that you can use the green buttons next to the Beast Handler icon to move your animals around and place them within the range of the Beast Handler itself.

    Makes sense, right? Well, there’s more to it. If you have merged your beast handler with another, you can also move your animal to another beast handler, or to any other beast handler you have merged with. It doesn’t seem like much if you’re a ‘set it and forget it’ type of person, however in the case of the burbs, placing animal handlers around the tracks gives the birds a greater range of how far they can take the balloons. are And place them in their marked place.

    However if you don’t care about the micromanagement route or aren’t using burbs, you can always have 4 Beast Handlers in a x22 or 2×2 village area for a discount and either a camo address. Or attack speed if you have eight heroes.

    The Monk Path

    Now, let’s look at the animals that you’ve been given, you’ve got the top path, which is the aquatic, the middle path which is the Jurassic, and you’ve got the bottom path, which is the burb. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Top way:

    Ever since the animal was released, waterways have been considered the domain of all Moabites. A max T3 Shark can shoot a regular Moab, while a max T4 Orca can shoot a Zomg. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets upset, considering that a T4 orca without integration can take down Moabs and BFB with no problem, compared to other monkeys that specialize in taking down Moabs.

    The downside of the upper route is that depending on how many Moabs there are, it can be a bit of a struggle to get them all down at once as it takes a while to attach the Moabs to the depths of the portable lake. . Speaking of portable lakes, you can only use the top path in maps that have water or if you have portable lakes. Oh it can be blocked by obstacles like bazaar trees and doesn’t detect any camo (unless you buy it from other towers or Etienne).

    Middle Path:

    The Jurassic route is somewhat opposed to the Aquatic route, but not as OP. You get a dinosaur that you can place on the ground to chomp on lead balloons. The more you upgrade, the more damage and range you get, while also unlocking the Stump ability, which stuns all balloons in its vicinity. It can also deal extra damage to stunned blons (like a deal at level 7) and well, really. It’s decent for clearing out regular blobs but not great at dealing with Moab unless you use the stun ability on them.

    Oh! What I would like to mention regarding Beast Power and Midpath is that in addition to increasing damage, it also reduces the CD on the Stump ability. Max T-rex ability is reduced from 34 (without upgrades) to 16 seconds. The downside of the mid lane is that the T-rex is a ground-based tower, requires the ability to take advantage of Moabs (or anyone else who can stun towers as well) and is blocked by barriers. Also no camo detection (unless you buy it from other towers or Etienne).

    Boot Path:

    And last, we have Burb’s Way. Berb follows a more.. supporting role than the other two paths. It can fly (obviously), starts with camo and ignores obstacles, however, it’s terrible when it comes to DPS, picking up balloons and hitting green barbs on the floor. can keep

    You can click the green barb button to move the marker around, preferably towards the beginning of the map, not the end. At T3 it can pick up a bunch of bloons and at T4 it’s capable of knocking out mobs and BFBs, however even a max T4 condor doesn’t seem to do anything against ZOMG, DDT, and BADs (which I mean Yes, even a heli pilot with Moab Shao can at least damage them and even slow them down). Thankfully the T5 is able to attack BADs, and even pick up all the other Moab types to begin with.

    As I mentioned in the Beast Handler Positions section, you can also increase the range of the Berb by using more Beast Handlers placed around the map so with the right amount, you can get a global range Berb. Which can hold a balloon. from the end to the beginning. The downside to Berb is that compared to the top and mid lanes, the DPS is terrible and is not as capable of hitting ZOMG, DDT and BADs as all the other lanes. There’s also the problem that you can’t take advantage of the village discount if you’re spreading beast handlers around and can’t deal with the T4 barb lead balloons unless you have x3x villages.

    So this is the unsorted section where I put stuff that didn’t fit into any other category or wasn’t able to create a specific category for it:

    • The Beast Handler can poke the balloon with his wand without any upgrades.
    • When it comes to buffs and the like, beasts work like Etienne and Drones: the beast handler gets buffed by village and overclock, but not affected by alchemist buffs. Also, whatever the animal handler receives affects the animals.
    • When you get past 150, your Max Megaladon will lose the ability to land BADs and around 210 you will lose the ability to land ZOMGs.



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