Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

This is a translation of the Russian-language manual on weapons (translated in Google translator))

Initial weapon

When we first appear on the map, we are given a starting weapon (it is not very, to be honest )

But it will do for a start -It deals damage of 15-20 hp

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

Assault rifle

Automatic rifle.Almost perfect for the beginning and middle of the game

At an average distance, it deals damage of 30-38hp

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

Assault rifle (upgraded)

Assault rifle – a powerful rifle for medium and close distances

there are 2 modes of firing bursts-single

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

double-barreled shotgun

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

The double-barreled shotgunis a very powerful boom stick at a close distance demolishes 80-100 hp


Crossbow-deals 80-100 hp for hitting the enemy’s torso + also deals 5 damage per second with a gas cloud (the gas cloud is not small )

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

Paired crossbows

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

-fast and rapid-fire shoot explosive bolts

damage 50 (with a successful hit to the head, there will be damage 80) slow bolts shoot ahead

Paired pistols

Paired pistols -a passable thing fast and accurate

deals 15-25 damage to the torso of a “kinsman” (update forgot to mention that at a distance more than close, the damage drops very much

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

PP with a silencer

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

– a very fast gun in the immediate vicinity can take out a “Kinsman” from two magazines.Recharge is fast Well, what about our damage of 20-25, the approximate damage is very fluctuating

((if something is wrong, correct it in the comments))

switchable machine gun

The switchable machine gun is quite a twofold feeling from this weapon,but who knows how

there are two modes automatic-single

for 30-35 damage to the torso

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

light machine gun


Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

is the son of a mother’s friend, it is better than a switchable machine gun

has a magazine for 50 rounds, 20-25 damage when hit in the torso


Minigun – this is already the boss of the gym of machine guns

to conduct fast shooting, you need to wait until the drum spins

causes 15-20 damage(you do not forget that he has a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ million shots per minute!)

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

Marksman rifle

The Marksman rifle is a sniper rifle that deals 60 damage to the head (maybe more))

accurate and rapid-fire

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

sniper rifle

A sniper rifle is an accurate and powerful rifle that shoots for a long time, but

it takes 80-100 damage to the torso

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

End of the Guide

End of the manual

Now this guide is coming to an end, it will be updated with new information on weapons

, I hope the guide helped at least someone))

if I made a mistake somewhere, correct or throw off useful information(update thank you to this kind person [TAG]Alblaka)((Here’s an anime vampire chan for you)))

Bloodhunt Weapons Guide

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Bloodhunt Weapons Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Novihak. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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