Blizzard is under fire for a ‘malicious’ Diablo 4 Season 1 change that is costing players money.



    Now that the deadly season is in full swing, many people are leaving. Diablo 4 In favor of fresh content, players are really stuck.

    There are still people who need to catch up, but with few complaints about the latest addition of content (besides the patch notes that absolutely reveal the game’s best potential), the dungeon crawler seems to be in a comfortable place.

    A platform for the future of Diablo It could be here, and fans are desperate. But some have pointed out that there is a deeper issue with the UI layout that will cause players to suffer some serious losses.

    Diablo 4’s battle pass purchase button is ruining games.

    Jung has a huge problem plaguing the page. Diablo 4as many have pointed out, the option to purchase the Premium Battle Pass is right next to the button that players need to use to navigate their progress during the season.

    This has led to some serious problems, as players are accidentally purchasing Premium Passes without intending to. Streamer Rurikhan has shown how frustrating this issue is, showing a video of himself accidentally clicking the buy button while trying to check his progress.

    Although the game crashes gives them hope, when Diablo 4 Resurrects, confirming that the Premium Battle Pass has been officially purchased for the player. “What a **king scam, man!” they say. β€œIt was deliberately and maliciously designed that way. […] This here? malicious design.”

    Diablo’s purchasing system may be illegal.

    As pointed out by a fan in a reply to the video’s tweet excerpt, allowing single-click purchases without requesting a CVV or any kind of security check is actually illegal, meaning the game could be engaging in illegal practices.

    There may be a flaw in it. Diablo is working on, but if not, Blizzard could be in serious trouble. It’s definitely not a good look either way.



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