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Bleach: Brave Souls update 1.31 The Bug Fix Release date is 29th of December


PKP has releasedBleach: Brave Souls Update 1.31 today on all platforms. The new update today is for bug fixes. Check the Bleach: Brave Souls patch posted below.

“Farming Souls” Update 1.31:25 | Farming Souls December 29:25:31:02:04:33:51:46:44:48:55:56:46:40:55:45:45:45:50:50:49:44:00:57:45:45:45:00:46:45:45:50:41:35:55:45:41:39:29:45:22:46:48:44:43:48:47:

The only patches that have been posted so far are the games PS4 update history page. You can see the details in the second part below.

  • This update is not included in the article: minor bugs.

If correct patch notes are released, we are going to try to update this post soon. The official website announced the addition of the game to the official website on Saturday. You can read the information below.

The new year of a successful game, and for 2023, we continue to provide more opportunities for players. With updates, we hope to continue to support Bleach: Brave Souls.

Characters were displayed in the Packs and Summons.

This change will help players understand the characters in Summons or Character Pack they already own.

When we show the characteristics of a character, we also show that the character is now strong.

Pressing Skip during Summons will no longer cancel 5 characters voiced lines.

After receiving feedback from the players, we’re working on changing the Skip button to allow the voiced lines of five characters to be skipped.

Source: Barrows smear: Bleach.


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