Bleach Brave Souls rank list for June 2024

    Updated on July 9, 2024.Version: 16.0.10

    Bleach Brave Souls is a fairly old title – having been released in 2016 – and with such a long time in development, the game has a huge roster of heroes to play with and collect. in this List of ranks of Bleach brave souls, we will list all the available collectible heroes according to their stats, rarity, usage in different game modes and abilities they have. Games like Bleach Brave Souls are updated and introduced quickly. New letters Adding to their ever-growing list of heroes, almost every month.

    Bleach Brave Souls was one of the pioneers of anime-based titles and is one of the highest-grossing games for mobile devices. The game has stood the test of time, completing a full 7 years since its release and boasting over 10 million downloads for both games combined. Google Play Store And iOS App Store.

    List of ranks of Bleach brave souls

    Bleach Brave Souls is a hero collector game where players have to summon different heroes from different summoning banners in the game. Due to the inherent gacha mechanics in the game, it is advisable to save a lot of currency for summoning due to the lack of any kind of spawn system. Players will be delighted to find their favorite characters from the Bleach universe, and each character has different variations. For example, the powerful shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki has over 10 unique and different variations available to collect. All characters in Bleach Brave Soul are differentiated according to their basic rarity and attributes. Currently, the game has 5 different attributes:

    • SP (Spiritual Pressure) – The damage the character receives from their strong attacks and special attacks.
    • ATK (Attack) – The damage done by the character with their normal attacks and strong attacks.
    • FCS (Focus) – Critical hit ability.
    • STA (Stamina) – Affects the health status of the characters.
    • DEF (Defense) – Defensive abilities.

    Don’t worry if your favorite hero isn’t available in Bleach Brave Souls, because it can be buffed in the new patch, and when that happens, we’ll update our tier list with new heroes to keep you updated. Will be sure to add it by updating along. till today


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