Blasphemous 2 Map Locations Guide


    Blasphemous 2 takes place in the sprawling world of Cvstodia. Throughout my journey, I encountered numerous challenges in various areas and locations. A big part of a Metroidvania is mapping out the world, especially when returning to locations after receiving a new ability, such as a double jump. That said, you may be wondering how big Cvstodia is in Blasphemous 2.

    All Locations in Blasphemous 2 – Map Guide

    There are 24 named locations in Blasphemous 2, three of which are small areas that are different than the major locations. Your progress through Cvstodia will take you to these various areas, many of which will require unlocking abilities like double jump and all three weapons. If you find you cannot progress, head to a different area and maybe you’ll find another way.

    Many of the areas in Blasphemous 2 contain hidden rooms with important items, including Wax Seeds. Be sure to keep an eye out for suspicious walls and listen for whispering, as these can clue you in to hidden areas. Here are all the locations in Blasphemous 2.

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    All Areas in Blasphemous 2

    • Repose of the Silent One
    • Ravine of the High Stones
    • City of the Blessed Name
    • Grilles and Ruins
    • Profundo Lemento
    • Choir of Thorns
    • Palace of the Embroideries
    • Streets of Wakes
    • Crown of Towers
    • Sea of Ink
    • Mother of Mothers
    • Beneath Her Sacred Grounds
    • Aqueduct of the Costales
    • Sacred Entombments
    • Elevated Temples
    • Basilica of Absent Faces
    • Sunken Cathedral
    • Labyrinth of Tides
    • The Severed Tower
    • Two Moons
    • Crimson Rain

    All Side Areas in Blasphemous 2

    • Forlorn Patio
    • Chapel of the Five Doves
    • Garden of the High Choirs

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