Blade of Darkness Cheats

Simply a list of the cheats in the game.

File editing cheat

To enable cheats you will need to edit the “” file with a text editor, this file is located in the “scripts” folder, inside the root folder (where the game’s installed).

Paste the code listed below at the BOTTOM of the “” file.

import cheats






These cheats will not work on saved games so to use them you will have to start a new game or wait untill you get to the next level in your saved game.

Image reference as to what file you need to edit, and where is it located:

Blade of Darkness Cheats

The file “” should look like this:

Blade of Darkness Cheats

Make sure you edit “menu.PY” and not “menu.PYC“!

Cheat list

Once your done editing the “” file you can trigger the next cheats in-game, using the corresponding keys.

Smaller Shield4
Bigger Shield3
Smaller Weapon1
Bigger Weapon2
Control CameraP
Chop Player’s head off (Doesn’t kill you)H
Give LightsaberG
God mode (will not protect from poison)F10
Level skipF9
Level up!F8
Matrix FX (Slow motion with rotating camera)X
Rotate camera to the leftF5
Rotate camera to the rightF6
Change skinsM
Chop enemy’s head off (Doesn’t kill them)J

In-Game Codes

Beat the game one time, then enter the following code during gameplay:

All Itemsitemsgalore
All Keysdoorsnomore
All Weaponstothepoint
Max HP and Staminaalmighty
Maximum Experiencelevelheaded
Skip Current Levellevelend

Thank you & Hope it helped!

NOTE: The file editing codes may conflict if you rebind the default keys for the game, it’s advisable to use the default keybindings for these cheat codes.

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