Blade Ball Abilities Tier List – All Skills, ranked


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    Equipping the best ability to your character avatar is essential to secure consistent victory in Blade Ball. Like most titles in the sports genre, the game has nearly ten abilities ranging from the all-powerful Thunderdash to the Rapture Ability. So, if you are a beginner and want to unlock the best abilities in Blade Ball early in your campaign, study the below tier list and learn the best skills in Blade Ball.

    All Abilities in Blade Ball, Ranked

    Tier Abilities
    S Telekinesis
    A Invisibility, Raging Deflection, Thunder Dash, Shadow Step, Rupture
    B Dash, Super Speed
    C Platform, Forcefield

    Best Abilities in Blade Ball – Roblox

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    S- Tier


    The best overall skill in the current version of the game is Telekinesis. Upon activating the ability, you can auto-deflect balls and increase their speed simultaneously with the click of a button. Unlock the power quickly if you are aiming for the leaderboard chart.

    A- Tier

    Thunder Dash

    Thunder Dash is an advanced version of the default Dash ability. Use the ability to move at the speed of thunder and reposition yourself ultra quickly. Moreover, the power has a low cooldown. So, spam as much as you want in end-game scenarios.


    Indicative of its name, the ability can allow you to disappear for a short duration and make the ball unable to target you. While it has lethal power during mid-game, you cannot use it at end-game in a standoff.

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    C- Tier

    Super Jump

    The best beginner ability in the game is the Super Jump. This moderately priced skill(300 coins) allows you to make a giant leap and reposition much quicker than any of the below abilities. Unlock the skill as soon as possible after starting the game.


    Dash is a decent ability obtained for free at the start of the game. Being a default ability, it does not have much going for it except for repositioning. Still, you can secure wins in the initial stages if you use it properly.

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    D- Tier


    On first look, Forcefield may look like a decent ability due to the auto-deflection feature. But, it goes straight to D-tier only due to its ridiculous pricing of 2000 coins, making it the second costliest ability in the game. Also, the skill is not available to use in the final standoff. Still, I highly recommend using the feature to beginners learning to deflect. 


    The worst skill in the current version of the game is Platform. Upon activating the button, you will stand on a tall platform for a few seconds, deflecting the ball. It has a very high cooldown and is almost useless in end-game scenarios. 

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