The following incorporates spoilers for Episode 11 of Black Summoner, “Rank S Promotion Exam,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Black Summoner is a captivating new isekai title discovered within the Summer 2022 anime season, telling the story of Kelvin the OP summoner who has every kind of enjoyable wandering this colourful fantasy nation, assembly new associates and combating cool enemies. Kelvin has some actually intriguing allies, such because the demon princess Sera and the mysterious half-elf named Efil.

So far, Black Summoner has handled Efil as a healthful supporting character, along with her being a motherly determine who generously helps everybody round her. Now, in Episode 11, it is time to dive deeper into Efil’s enigmatic previous and work out the way it ties into the violent historical past of the elf tribe, and this may occasionally present some hints on the place Kelvin’s journey could take him subsequent.

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The Story of Lumil and the Fire Dragon King

The first half of Episode 11 centered primarily on the reclusive elf tribe that lives within the forested nation of Gaun — one in all a number of kingdoms that the militaristic nation of Trycen could quickly invade. Kelvin and his adventurer associates met the elf tribe chief Nelras, who’s affiliated with the Gaun king, and Nelras defined all the things. The elves aren’t native to this land; 20 years in the past, they lived on the western continent, however then the merciless hearth dragon king attacked and wiped half of them out. The village was saved when a courageous elf girl named Lumil stepped forth and provided herself because the dragon king’s bride in alternate for peace, and the dragon king accepted. However, a couple of years later, Lumil’s savaged corpse was discovered, and the elves considered that as a warning from the fireplace dragon king, prompting them to maneuver to Gaun.

Nelras noticed a direct connection between this tragic story and Kelvin’s get together in Episode 11. In his eyes, Efil the half-elf woman seems to be strikingly much like Lumil herself, to the purpose the place he blurted out Lumil’s title when he first met Efil in Episode 11. Efil is certainly a half-elf, so almost certainly, Lumil was her mom, however that also leaves the query of who Efil’s different dad or mum is. If Lumil is certainly Efil’s mom, given their resemblance and elf blood, then the daddy is probably going a human relatively than the dragon king, since dragons can’t mate with different species.

For now, Efil and Nelras aren’t certain what to make of this, however Kelvin promised to assist Efil uncover her long-forgotten previous and piece collectively the thriller of her lineage. It’s not 100% confirmed that Lumil is Efil’s mom, however for now, it is the get together’s greatest lead, and that will join Efil to this tribe and the fireplace dragon king, who’s nonetheless on the market someplace. Perhaps Efil is extra necessary than anybody ever thought.

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Efil’s Quest for Self-Discovery Begins Now

When she first appeared in Black Summoner, Efil was only a slave on the market, and Kelvin purchased her to assist her discover freedom and achieve new associates. Slavery controversies apart, this did not do a lot to maneuver Efil’s character arc ahead, since Efil’s backstory was a complete unknown, and he or she hasn’t accomplished a lot along with her newfound freedom both. However, as of Episode 11, Black Summoner is poised to ship Efil on her personal quest to find the reality of her heritage and discover her actual place on this planet. Kelvin could have purchased Efil’s freedom, but when Efil does nothing with it, her character arc is lifeless on arrival. The previous few episodes of Black Summoner would possibly even separate Efil from Kelvin’s get together so she will be able to uncover her roots on her personal.

The solely leads thus far are Efil’s bodily resemblance to her possible mom Lumi, and the truth that when Kelvin purchased her, Efil had been cursed with the fireplace dragon king’s magic. It’s presently unknown why the fireplace dragon king attacked the elf tribe, and it is also unknown who killed Lumil and why. In reality, it may not have been the dragon king himself who killed her, however maybe Efil’s mysterious human father or one other get together fully. For now, it is as much as Efil to reconnect along with her native elf tribe, unravel these mysteries and make one thing of herself because the daughter of future. Whatever her previous is, it is intently tied to the elf tribe and hearth dragon king, so it should be an enormous deal. This is one thriller Black Summoner followers cannot wait to see unraveled.

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