Black Ops 1 Zombies lauded as one of the best multiplayer eras ever


    Picture this: you and your squad just spent four rounds camped by a window each, knifing these mindless and starving limbs through the barriers. You’ve bagged yourself a couple-thousand points each, but your M1911 is almost out of ammo. Meanwhile, fluffy the Hellhound and his pack are on their way.

    It’s time to leave the starting room, and don’t even think about grabbing that Olympia off the wall. Which door are you opening first, bottom left to go outside and get the AK74u? Or the right, to open up Speed Cola and the MP40?

    Those were much simpler decisions before we grew up to handle mortgages and taxes, and now the Black Ops 1 Zombies era is being lauded as one of the best multiplayer times to ever exist.

    Call of Duty fans don Black Ops 1 Zombies as one of the greatest eras


    After the re-ignition of the classic Call of Duty games, fans have taken to Reddit to discuss their memories. The thread is now populated with over 13,000 upvotes, where most players dubbed Black Ops 1 Zombies as their favourite era.

    They’ve been exchanging tales of when they would stay up all night with friends, training on maps like Kino Der Toten and Five. “The zombie all-nighters playing with the boys. Will forever be grateful for these memories,” said one fan, spurring on hundreds more comments of a similar token.

    Call of Duty fans reminisce over Black Ops 1 Zombies nights

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    I don’t think any game made me want to play nonstop more than Black Ops Zombies. Kino all night… So good. Tastes like Jacked Ranch Hot Wing Doritos and Gatorade,” said one fan. Then again, the same can be said for a Dominos pizza, a pack of Moams, and a four-pack of pre-sugar-tax Orange Lucozade.

    Omg, the memories. Played during Christmas and it lasted from midnight to 5 am. Friends begging me to let them just die because they were so tired,” added another player, unlocking a memory that we’re all too familiar with.

    I will forever remember when I had a lobby with 3 strangers on Kino and we spent a whole night together surviving till the time came when we all went down, wished each other a good night and went to sleep. It has become a core memory,” concluded a third.

    Others reminisced over leaving a crawler, pack-a-punching LMGs at high rounds for full ammo, dolphin diving down the stairs, having their guns stolen by the doctor in Five, and the “you need a little revive” theme tune.


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