Black Adam’s Clint Eastwood Joke Clarifies His DCEU Superhero Role


The following contains spoilers for Black Adam, which is now playing in theaters.

In the heart of black adam is the fight between Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) and the Justice Society’s Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), who perceive noble deeds in completely different lights. Hawkman is a more traditional hero, who tries to save all lives, even those of his enemies. Adam is much less conflicted about morality and casually kills a batch of people in the film.

black adam is rooted in this conflict, the question of morality when it comes to deadly decisions and whether or not that defines heroism. But for all of Black Adam and Hawkman’s arguments about the concept, none work quite as succinctly as Adam’s Western-inspired fast-paced shootout, which ties Adam to a heroic lineage very different from the traditional superhero genre.

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What is Black Adam’s dumbest moment?

After freeing Black Adam from his eons of sleep, Adrianna (Sarah Shahi) and her brother Karim (Mohammed Amer) witness the anti-hero decimate the Intergang forces that had come to kill them. But he is knocked out by an Eternium-enhanced missile, and the two take Adam back to his house to recover. Waking up, and being bombarded with questions by Adrianna’s excitable superhero fanatic son Amon (Bodhi Sabongui), Adam decides to simply leave the conversation by casually floating through the wall into the apartment’s living room. In doing so, he finds Karim watching a Clint Eastwood movie, during a climactic shootout which prompts him to draw the gun. Unsure of the television, Adam attacks with a bolt of electricity, destroying it.

However, later in black adam, Adam has the opportunity to live such a moment. As he protects Amon and Adrianna from a group of Intergang soldiers, he stares at several of them. The film, which had largely been defined by massive effects as a result of Adam’s immense power levels and varied abilities, changes. Suddenly it takes on the style and tone of a western, alternating between the different characters as they try to decide what to do and prepare for the gunfight that is about to break out. As soon as he does, the raincoat Black Adam, pinkying as he does so, blasts each of the soldiers with lightning bolts, ignoring the shots fired at him.

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What Black Adam’s Funniest Moment Says About the Character

It is black adamThe dumbest moment, a reminder of the dangers that superheroes and supervillains can offer to normal people, but unlike previous beats, like when Black Adam was more or less disintegrating people with his bare hands, the moment it is played for comedy. The tension of the shoot is hilariously undermined by the reality of the setting, and in a film that some critics have criticized as lacking in humor, it’s a fun and somewhat inventive pace. But it’s also a perfectly quick summary of Black Adam as a character, quietly tying him to the legacy of anti-heroes like Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name rather than more traditional figures of his own genre.

It highlights the simple difference between Black Adam and someone like Hawkman or Superman, who does good things for good reasons in the movie but with a brutal twist completely divorced from any modern ideal of morality. Like the western-type antiheroes referenced in the beat, Adam will fight those who threaten him and others, but he is unrestrained when it comes to death, even when his power level makes it make it an afterthought to defeat enemies. on the contrary. black adamAdam’s dumbest moment speaks volumes about the kind of character Adam was designed for, especially considering that, in interviews with places like CinemaBlendJohnson has cited Eastwood specifically as an inspiration. Adam’s pacing is fun, but it also succinctly sums up what makes Adam different from other superheroes.

To see him emulate a Western antihero, check out Black Adam in theaters now.

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