Black Adam Star Helped Choose His Hawkman Wings


Black Adam star Aldis Hodge shares how he contributed to the design of Hawkman’s huge pair of wings, and his expertise carrying them within the movie.

Black Adam star Aldis Hodge mentioned how he helped select the design of Hawkman’s wings used within the movie.

Black Adam is coming to the large display screen this weekend, and the Hawkman actor can not cease singing the praises of his costume. “The costume is amazing. It’s really fantastic. I am super proud of it. The wings are awesome,” the actor mentioned in an interview with MyFullGames. Hodge revealed that he was concerned within the decision-making means of the ultimate designs of the wings.

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“I remember when they first showed me the graphic art of the wrings, they showed me several different options,” mentioned Hodge. “We went through them, and they were like, ‘Which ones do you want?’ So, they brought me in on the choice of which ones that we get to see, which I thought was just amazing.”

Hawkman’s Wings And Their Meaning

The actor additionally mentioned the symbology of the wings and the way they carry a tribute to his mom. “There is some symbology to the wings,” he mentioned. “They have some of my mom’s favorite colors in them, so it was like a nod to mom.” As seen within the movie, Hawkman’s costume contains a pair of human-sized wings. Hodge commented that the dimensions of the costume additionally posed a problem for him throughout the filming course of. However, he was “blown away” by the ultimate presentation of Hawkman in Black Adam.

“Man, just to see how massive they actually were… When I was walking on set, I have to keep in mind how big these things are and taking up space. I’m making sure I am not standing directly next to somebody when I have my wings on because I would be slapping people with my wings all day,” mentioned Hodge. “They are huge. Then, when I saw how they moved and how my character moves in the air, I was blown away. We get to see somebody fly in a different way than we have ever seen before. I can’t wait for the audience to see it. It’s like poetry in the air.”

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Black Adam sees Dwayne Johnson’s historic antihero woken from centuries of imprisonment and being pit towards the Justice Society, which consists of Atom Smasher, Cyclone, Hawkman and Dr. Fate. Early reviewers have prompt followers look ahead to the movie’s long-anticipated post-credits scene. In the identical interview, Hodge additionally teased how the movie will problem the established view of “superheroes” and discover a special facet of heroism.

Black Adam hits theaters on Oct. 21.

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