Bizarre Revenant Heirloom glitch transforms Scythe in Apex Legends


    Images via Respawn Entertainment

    Season 18 of Apex Legends introduced the Death Dynasty Collection Event to the Outlands, with Revenant’s “Death Grip” Heirloom recolour being the star of the show.

    As expected, the visually enhanced Scythe came with a whole extra set of animations. As usual, this included some incredibly rare ones.

    Of course, when purchasing an Heirloom now with shards, it can be difficult to decide which version of the Mythic item to get. An Olympus glitch seems to have temporarily fixed that problem, as you can transform Revenant’s new “Death Grip” Heirloom into the original without even owning the cosmetic.

    Apex Legends bug transforms Revenant Heirloom

    As showcased by popular Apex Legends YouTuber Bobz, there’s a glitch with Revenant’s “Death Grip” Heirloom on Olympus that transforms the mythic item.

    If you head to Pathfinder’s Fight Night area on Olympus and enter the arena with “Death Grip” equipped, it will transform into the original Revenant Heirloom.

    This will occur even if you don’t own the original Heirloom, and it cannot be transformed back into the “Death Grip” until you start another game.

    So, if you own “Death Grip” and want to test out the OG Heirloom, head over to Fight Night because it’s hard to know how long this bug will remain active.

    Does this glitch work with other Heirloom recolours in Apex?

    Wraith recolour

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    Out of curiosity, Bobz wanted to test out another Heirloom recolour to see if it triggered with all of them. Well, after bringing Wraith’s recoloured Kunai into the arena, it didn’t change at all. It’s only Revenant that seems to be affected.

    It’s unlikely this interaction is going to frustrate anyone, but it has the chance to cause some confusion in certain cases. As a result, a fix will probably be on the way very soon, so make use of it while you can if you own the Rev “Death Grip” recolour.


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