Bizarre Gotham Knights Scene Involves Red Hood and a Just Dance Ripoff


Gotham Knights’ oddest cutscene entails Jason Todd’s trauma coming to mild whereas enjoying a Just Dance-esque video game. The new Warner Bros. Montreal video game stars the assorted protégés of Batman coming collectively to guard Gotham after Batman’s deaths. One of the strongest components of the game are varied cutscenes that happen within the Belfry, the headquarters for the Batfamily after the destruction of the Batcave, that present Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, and Batgirl interacting with one another and coming to phrases with the dying of their father determine and various different traumas. 

However, not each cutscene carries the identical emotional weight on account of some moderately weird story selections. One of the weirdest moments in Gotham Knights is when Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) picks up a brand new model of the console game “Dance Moves” (a transparent knockoff on Just Dance) to play with Jason Todd (Red Hood.) In each DC comics continuity and the continuity of the game, Jason Todd was killed by the Joker and resurrected by Talia al Ghul with the Lazarus Pit and Gordon is clearly making an attempt to reconnect with Todd by enjoying a game they presumably loved once they had been youthful. 

The new “Dance Moves” game is a horror-themed game, as a stage referred to as the “Pit of Despair” clearly triggers one thing inside Jason. Green mist begins to emulate from Jason’s palms as he dances and he is shortly pressured to sit down down earlier than the game triggers an additional response. It’s unclear whether or not that is solely a psychological impact or if dancing by some means nearly turned Todd right into a mystically-powered zombie like what we see elsewhere in Gotham Knights, however the remainder of the scene performs out with Gordon making an attempt to consolation Todd largely by making an attempt to return a way of normalcy to the dialogue. 

Obviously, the game is making an attempt to reveal that trauma and PTSD might be triggered by even probably the most mundane of actions or actions, however the super-powered nature of Todd’s backstory undercuts the scene. It’s a uncommon miss for one of many stronger points of Gotham Knights, which does a great job fleshing out the connection between these characters via minimize scenes. 

Gotham Knights is out there now for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

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