BitLife – How to Complete the Oz Challenge


    Completing the BitLife Oz Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating a female character out of Kansas, then follow the steps below.

    All Objectives to complete the Oz Challenge in BitLife

    To finish the Oz Challenge in BitLife, you must execute the following objectives in any order.

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    How to be born in Kansas – BitLife Guide

    To begin the Oz challenge, you must create a female character out of Kansas. For this, select female as the starting gender from the USA and Wichita or Kansas City as the birthplace. Both cities are part of Kansas state, indirectly fulfilling the given criteria.

    How to Emigrate to Australia in BitLife

    The second objective of the Oz challenge requires you to migrate to Australia. After turning 18, get a job and save up some money. Now, under the Activities tab, select the Emigrate option. Choose Australia under the list of available countries for migration. Pay the processing fee and hit the Emigrate button to move to Australia permanently. 

    How to make more than three friends in Australia – BitLife Guide

    The third quest in the current challenge is to make more than three friends in Australia. The best way to make friends is to join college or get a job. I would suggest taking up an occupation as it is the easiest route out of the two. After taking a post in a company, visit the colleagues tab from the Job’s Activity tab and improve your relationship by gifting, complimenting, and spending time with them. Once the relationship meter turns green, make it your best friend using the Befriend option.

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    How to murder a female in Australia – BitLife Guide

    The penultimate task in the Oz challenge is to murder a female in Australia. Visit the Crimes section under the Activities tab and select the Murder option. Choose a female target, like any random person or your colleagues/friends in Australia. Along with that, choose a murder method of your liking. Selecting a passive murder technique like Scaring them to death or pushing them over a ledge allows you to evade cops rather than something flashy. Hit the Murder button to commit the murder and proceed to the next objective.

    How to Emigrate to the United States in BitLife 

    The final objective of the Oz Challenge is to emigrate to the United States. After murdering a female, head over to the Emigrate section under the Activities tab, and in the list of countries, pick the United States. If you cannot find the USA, sign up to refresh all the options in the countries list. With that, you will finish the Oz challenge in BitLife.

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