BitLife: How to Complete the Liberation Challenge



    Completing the BitLife Deliverance Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating a Louisiana male character, and then follow the steps below.

    All the objectives in the Liberation Challenge in Bitlife

    In order to complete the Liberation Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

    • Being born a boy in Louisiana
    • master the banjo
    • Own and upgrade more than ten trailers
    • Have tenants in more than five trailers
    • Rent a trailer with a gunsmith

    Before starting the Deliverance challenge, you need to purchase the Landlord Expansion Pack in BitLife, as the entire challenge revolves around the DLC. You can buy the DLC from the in-game store for $4.99.

    How to be born as a man in Louisiana – BitLife Guide

    The Deliverance Challenge’s first goal is to be born a boy in Louisiana. To do this, select Male as your starting gender and choose any city for Louisana, such as New Orleans, as your place of birth while creating your character.

    How to master the banjo in BitLife

    The second task in Deliverance Challenge is to master Banjo. To do this, you must enroll in Banjo classes. Visit the Mind and body section under the Activities eyelash. Within the menu, choose Instruments and pick up Banjo. Pay a fee of $1000 for one session and continue to take classes annually. Within 10-15 years, your skill rating will turn completely green (100%) and you will be proficient in the Banjo instrument.

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    How to own and upgrade more than ten trailers in BitLife

    The third task in Deliverance Challenge is to own and upgrade more than ten trailers. To buy more than ten trailers, you need a lot of money. So, try to make a lot of money quickly by being a doctor, lawyer, musician, actoreither sports person.

    Once you have money to buy trailers, visit the Shopping section below the Activities list. Now, within the menu on the Real Estate tab, choose a company of your choice. Search the list for a trailer and buy it. Repeat the step until you buy more than ten trailers.

    After buying a trailer, it’s time to upgrade them. To do this, visit your trailer ownership under the Assets section and use the Improvement option at least once on each of their trailers.

    How to have tenants in more than five trailers in BitLife

    The penultimate mission in the ultimate BitLife challenge is to rent more than five trailers at your disposal. Use the Rent option under each trailer to rent them out. Visit the Assets section of the main menu to access all of your trailer’s features.

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    How to rent a trailer with a Gun Rack in BitLife

    The ultimate goal in the Deliverance Challenge is to rent a trailer that has a Gun Rack on it. For this, you need to upgrade one of your trailers with a gunsmith. Access one of your trailers and click on the Improvement button. Now, choose the Gun Rack option. If the option is not available, please increase the age to update all listings in the Update option. After upgrading a Gun Rack on one of your trucks, the whole challenge will be over.

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