BitLife: How to Complete the Full Glam Challenge



    Finishing the BitLife Full Glam Challenge is easy once you know how to complete each objective. Start by creating any character of your choice, then follow the steps below.

    All the objectives to complete the Full Glam Challenge in BitLife

    In order to complete the Full Glam Challenge in BitLife, players will need to complete the following task in the order of their choosing:

    How to become a makeup artist in BitLife

    The first goal of the Full Glam challenge is to become a makeup artist. The only requirement to be a makeup artist is to have a higher degree. Start a new life and graduate from high school at 18 years old. Now, visit the Full Time Job section and search for a job title: makeup artist apprentice. Once you find that job, apply for it and get the interview by answering the simple question related to the fashion industry. In case you can’t find such a post, please increase the age to refresh the entire job listing in the Full Time Job section. I found a job almost six years after graduating from high school to find the job. So be patient and keep getting older.


    How to become a social media star while working as a makeup artist in BitLife

    The second task in the Full-Glam challenge is to become a social media star while working as a makeup artist. To finish this goal, you need to become a social media influencer while being a makeup artist. Head over to the social media section in the Activities tab and join any social media platform. During my career, I selected Instagram because of its ease compared to other sites.

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    After joining a site, first of all, use the money to buy a few followers until you reach the 50K count. Now, start posting anything that might be trending like funny videos, memes, political posts, or even your selfie. Over time, one of your posts will click with your followers and catapult your account to stardom, unlocking the features of the fame section. With that, you will become a social media star in BitLife.

    How to Earn Over $1 Million Promoting on Social Media

    Once you are verified and have more than 15,000 followers on any social network, you can start advertising products through your account. Visit the Activities tab of your social media account and click the Promote option. Initially, you will be promoting low-quality items that offer little margin. Within a few years, you’ll start receiving thousands of dollars in commissions for advertising a single product. Through this method, collect and save $1 million to complete the goal. Remember, it took me almost 20 years to accumulate the wealth. So keep calm and keep promoting articles.

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    How to get a nose job in BitLife

    The penultimate goal in the Full-Glam challenge is to get a nose job. Visit the Plastic surgery on the Activities tab. Choose the Nose Job option to have a nose job. Pay the operation to finish the objective. Remember, you must be over 18 to get any type of cosmetic surgery in BitLife.

    How to get more than five rounds of Botox in BitLife

    The final task of the Full-Glam challenge is to get more than five rounds of Botox fillers. Like the previous objective, visit the Plastic Surgery section in the Activities tab. Select the Botox option at the top of the list. Choose a surgeon and pay for your surgery. Repeat this process a total of five times to finish the given objective and the entire challenge.

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