BitLife: How to Complete the Farside Fugitive Challenge


    Completing the BitLife Farside Fugitive challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating a character outside of Italy and then follow the steps below.

    All objectives to complete in Farside Fugitive Challenge – BitLife

    To finish the Farside Fugitive Challenge in BitLife, players will need to complete the following objectives in the order they choose:

    Before starting the Farside Fugitive challenge, you must own the Job Pack in BitLife, as the entire challenge revolves around the DLC. Buy the bundle in the in-game store for $4.99.

    How to be born in Italy – BitLife Guide

    The first objective of the Farside Fugitive Challenge is to be born in Italy. As you begin a new life, select Italy as country of birth and choose any city in Italy such as Cagliari, Milan or Rome as city of birth. For the genre, choose what you like best. Press the Start button to complete the initial objective.

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    How to Become a General in a Space Agency – BitLife Guide

    The next task is to become a general of a space agency. To do this, you must become an astronaut in BitLife. Study well from an early age and keep the intelligence statistic above 90 using the Study harder option from high school until you graduate from college. Also, visit the library and participate in discussions to keep your mind sharp.

    Choose any topic like math, biologyeither physical specialize in college. After that, work for some time to save money for your astronaut training course. You also need to get a pilot license. So, you should save for both.

    Once you have $30K In your account you can start your training. Complete the course by completing the technical, flight and fitness training regimens. If you finish the course with a 100% ratingYou will pass the course and get a job as a junior cadet.

    Stay on the job and complete various missions. Over time, you will achieve successive promotions and reach the General position in a Space Agency. It can take 15 to 25 years to get the desired position. So, be patient and focus on your work by using Work Harder and increasing your work hours.

    How to murder more than two people in BitLife

    The next mission of the current challenge is to assassinate two people. Go to Crime section under the Activities tab and choose the assassination option. Select a aim and a murder technique. Press the Kill them button to finish them off. Keep repeating the procedure until two people are eliminated.

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    How to assassinate someone before showing up for a lunar mission in BitLife

    This task is very similar to the previous one. Simply assassinate someone before clicking on the Lunar Mission option in the Astronaut Activities tab.

    How to assassinate someone before showing up for a mission to Mars in BitLife

    The ultimate goal of the Farside Fugitive Challenge is to kill someone before reporting for a mission to Mars. Like the last one, it’s pretty simple. Kill someone using the Kill option before clicking on the mission to Mars. By default, it will not be available during the initial phase. Then, go on several lunar missions or launch probes to unlock the feature.

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