BitLife – How to Complete Hell’s Kitchen Challenge


    Completing BitLife The Hell’s Kitchen Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating any character of your choice and then follow the steps below.

    All the objectives in The Hell’s Kitchen Challenge in Bitlife

    In order to complete The Hell’s Kitchen Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives.

    • Being born a boy in the UK
    • Entering university with a soccer scholarship
    • Become a famous chef
    • Insulting co-workers more than 25 times
    • Appearing on talk shows more than 10 times

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    How to be born as a male in the UK in BitLife

    The first objective in the current challenge of The Hell’s Kitchen is to be born as a man in the United Kingdom. To do this, select any city, such as Belfast or Cardiff in the UK, as your place of birth and male as your beginning gender while creating your starting character. You can search for that life by rerolling or customize it manually using the God Mode DLC.

    How to get into a university using a soccer scholarship in BitLife

    The second task in the last challenge is to enter a university with a soccer scholarship. For this, he must start practicing soccer from a very young age. As soon as you get to middle school, try out for the football team using the Extracurricular section of the activities tab and remain part of the team until you reach high school. Also, use the practice harder option periodically to become the captain of the soccer team. Becoming a captain increases the probability of getting an athletic scholarship in college. If you have followed the above steps exactly as described, you will get a scholarship after you graduate from high school. Use that college scholarship and enroll in any major to finish the second assignment.

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    How to become a celebrity chef in BitLife

    The third objective of The Hell’s Kitchen challenge is to become a celebrity chef. For this, after you graduate from college, visit the jobs section and search for entry-level jobs in the restaurant industry. something like him Busser, Dishwashereither food runner it will be ideal. Stay with the same company for at least three years to gain experience. As you work, be sure to increase your work hours per week to 50+ to show your dedication.

    After three years, you can start looking for the “chef apprentice” job from the jobs section. Apply for it and crack the interview. Now comes the hard part, from being a mere Apprentice, you must become the Executive chef getting promotion after promotion at the same company or joining a different company. This process consists of getting at least ten promotions by increasing your working hours and using the Hard work option. Once you become an executive chef, you will unlock the Fame parameter and become a famous chef.

    How to insult your coworkers more than 25 times in BitLife

    The penultimate challenge in the last challenge is to insult more than 25 co-workers in BitLife. To do this, visit the coworkers section in the Activities tab. Choose any colleague of your choice. Use the Insult option in the Activities tab to insult them. Repeat the process with 25 other coworkers to complete the task. We recommend that you complete the quest when you reach the position of Sous Chef or higher to avoid getting fired.

    How to appear on talk shows more than ten times in BitLife

    The final task in The Hell’s Kitchen challenge is to appear more than ten times on talk shows. Once you have unlocked the Fame parameter, you will start receiving offers to appear on shows. Accept each of them and give interviews until the count crosses ten. With this checked, you will complete the challenge successfully.

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