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    Some players will burn through a game such as Bladur’s Gate 3 as quickly as they can, following the story and then quickly moving on to the next game. Personally, I’m the complete opposite, wanting to find and sell every spoon and bone I can find and explore every corner of the map imaginable. One such corner that’s easy to miss in BG3 is the secret room hidden in the Toll House basement. If you want to get in there too, follow my guide below. 

    Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Get Into The Toll House Secret Door

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    You’ll find the Toll House (1) by heading north from the Blighted Village, then heading east once you’ve crossed the bridge, and finally north where you found Karlach. Alternatively, if you’re returning, you can port into the Risen Road. You’ll need to enter the basement through the Toll House, enter its vault using a key you’ll find nearby, and then use the chairs you’ll find in the vault in the correct manner to open the door to the secret. 

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    The key to the vault is just to the south of the house itself (2, above) on the path leading up to it from where you meet Karlach (see map and images) but if you want to practice your skills, use Speak with Dead on the Tax Collector outside on the path (not the one in the basement) and he’ll reveal that he dropped the key. 

    Once you have the key, approach the Toll House. You’ll find Anders and two henchmen inside. Having already met them, and not having Karlackh in my party, they simply ignored me and seem to have no interest in the basement, the hatch to which is unlocked. This means you can enter the basement (via the hatch, pictured) without any issue.

    Inside the Toll House basement

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    Once in the basement, you’ll see the Dead Toll Collector next to a large Vault Door to the east. Use the key you got outside to open the vault, but be careful as there are traps just inside. There are eight vent traps on the floor in total, four in each room, so you’ll do well to deactivate them all before you go any further. If you can’t deactivate them (you’ll need to pass a Perception check and then Disarm each one), then you’ll simply have to walk carefully around them. 

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    You can also plainly see the not-so-secret room on both the map and behind the wall, complete with a fancy-looking Gilded Chest. Note that there is a Stone Chair on either side of the wall that’s blocking you from getting into the secret room. Select two of your characters to sit on the two chairs. When they do, you’ll see a click on the screen. Once both chairs are occupied, the wall will open. Note that equally you can place a large item on each chair to create the same effect. 

    Entering the Toll House basement secret room

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    Unfortunately, you’re not finished yet. There is a marble plate trap just inside the door, as well as two more vent traps. However, once they’re dealt with, you’re free to ransack the room. The pick of the items is a Great Axe +1 on the weapon rack on the table in the middle of the room, plus some Gloves of Heroism in the wooden chest.

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