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    All the best RPGs give the player a choice of difficulty setting and Baldur’s Gate 3 is no different. Before you’ve even gotten to choosing a character class or seen any fancy cut scene you need to decide whether you want to choose Explorer (easy mode, where the story has more emphasis than fighting), Balanced (more balanced and challenging), or the toughest option, Tactician. Below you’ll find my guide explaining just what choosing the Tactician difficulty level in BG3 entails.  

    Baldur’s Gate 3 –  Tactician difficulty mode setting in BG3 explained

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    Baldur’s Gate 3’s own description says Tactician mode will give you a tough campaign emphasizing strategic combat. But what does this mean in real terms? Firstly, enemy HP will be significantly higher throughout the campaign. But in addition to this, you are likely to see more environmental items to use (or have used against you), such as barrels, while enemy units will have their AI better-tuned meaning they are more likely to attack your squishier units first.

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    These are the steps up from Explorer through Balanced to Tactician in BG3:

    • Enemy HP: You’ll see a 30 percent rise in enemy HP from Explorer to Balanced and a further 30 percent rise from Balanced to Tactician.
    • Hit chance: Enemies have a five percent greater chance to hit on Balanced compared to Explorer. However, this doesn’t rise again in Tactician mode.
    • Tactics: This only steps up from Balanced to Tactician Difficulty, meaning you’ll need to position your troops with more skill to succeed.
    • Hazards: Again, this only increases from Balanced to Tactician and will make most battles more strategic as you’ll have to worry more about your environment. 

    However, the most important thing to remember is that you can change the difficulty level at any time even after you’ve started a campaign. Simply press escape (or Options on PS5) to enter the Pause Mode, select Difficulty, and change your choice. Also remember saves can be synced cross-platform, meaning you can also alter difficulty regardless of the device you’re using at any one time.

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