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    On the surface, the Sorcerer and the Wizard are very similar classes in Baldur’s Gate 3. Both classes utilize powerful spells to control the battlefield from afar. Both classes channel the same ‘distant mage’ concept found in other RPGs. Both classes wear robes and wield magical staffs imbued with twisted arcane might. However, if you dig a bit into their innards, you’ll quickly find that there are some very significant differences that set them apart, enough to make you consider playing one over the other. Here are the main differences between the Sorcerer and the Wizard.

    Differences between Sorcerer and Wizard in BG3

    The most significant difference between Sorcerers and Wizards throughout, not just BG3, but Dungeons and Dragons as a whole, is how they use their spells.

    Spontaneous vs Preparation

    Sorcerers are what are known as Spontaneous Spellcasters, meaning that they cast their spells from a list of chosen spells without needing to prepare them. Spells cast this way are pulled from a total pool of possible casts, dependent on each spell level. As an example, Magic Missle and Mage Armor, when cast by a Sorcerer, use up two of their total Spell Level 1 slots. They do need to prepare these spells ahead of time, thus, they can be called upon so long as the Sorcerer has level 1 slots available. This is very convenient for newer players because there is no need to have the right spell prepared at the right time.

    Wizards, on the other hand, are Preparation Spellcasters, meaning they need to personally select the spells they are going to cast, and Prepare them in their spellbook. Wizards have many more castable spells than Sorcerers, but because of the need to prepare them, they cannot ever use their complete arsenal all at once. As such, playing a Wizard is about having the right tool for the job, rather than just having all your tools ready at all times, like the Sorcerer.

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    Metamagic vs School Focus

    Another huge difference between Sorcerers and Wizards is how they modify and shape their spells to fit their needs. Sorcerers wield Metamagic which allows them to augment the direct properties of their spells. For example, a Sorcerer can get access to Metamagic: Silent, which allows them to cast verbal spells without the verbal requirement. A Sorcerer that is muted by an enemy, can still cast a Fireball through Metamagic: Silent. Sorcerers have access to many Metamagic augments, dramatically changing their spells to fit their needs on a whim.

    On the other hand, Wizards don’t directly augment their spells. Instead, they opt to focus on one of the eight schools of magic available to all spellcasters. When a Wizard decides to specialize in, say, the school of Necromancy, they will gain a number of class features that greatly improve their Necromancy spells. Their chosen school of magic also grows more powerful as the Wizard levels up, gaining further benefits reaped from focusing. All eight schools of magic offer the Wizard major bonuses when focused upon, which is completely different from how Sorcerers operate.

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    Should you play a Sorcerer or a Wizard in BG3?

    My recommendation here is simple: If you are a new player to the Dungeons and Dragons ruleset and you want to play a caster, then I recommend you go with the Sorcerer. They are just easier to understand out of the box. If you are well aware of the D&D ruleset and can deal with having to constantly change your active spells and having a large list of selectable spells, then I recommend the Wizard to you. Ultimately, both classes are powerful when properly built, so if your concern has ever been about viability, you can rest easy. Worst case scenario, you can just try out both classes and respec as needed.

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