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    In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will encounter various NPCs that are tied to multiple quests. Save the Gondians is a quest you can complete in the Lower City, but there are a few characters you should interact with beforehand. This is one of the trickiest quests in Act 3, and you’ll have to act tactically to save every Gondian prisoner from the Iron Throne Prison. Here’s how to save the Gondians in BG3.

    How to save the Gondians in BG3

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    The Gondians are enslaved and imprisoned by Archduke Gortash at the Iron Throne Prison located underwater in the Lower City. Gortash built the Steel Watch by forcing the Gondians, and you’ll meet one of them while infiltrating the Foundry. Zanner Toobin is one of the essential characters you’ll come across in the Steel Watch Foundry, and this NPC is intricately related to Save the Gondians quest.

    To reach the Iron Throne Prison, take the Submersible from the Flymm Cargo Basement (X:-1046, Y:-319) located east of the Grey Harbour Docks waypoint. Inside the prison, you’ll have six turns to rescue all the Gondians and save special prisoners like Grand Duke Ravengard and Omeluum. Check the map image above to see the exact locations you need to visit.

    Where to start Save the Gondians quest in BG3

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    To start “Save the Gondians” quest, interact with Zanner Toobin who is located at the Security Office (X:-327, Y:-153) inside the Steel Watch Foundry. Interact with him to know the fate of his daughter (Obelia Toobin) and the rest of the Gondians survivors. He informs that they are captured in a prison, but the location of this prison is unknown.

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    After interacting with the NPC, go to the Steel Watch Foundry – Basement by taking the door shown in the image above. There are a few enemies in this room, so be prepared with an invisibility spell/potion if you are looking to sneak around. Inside this room, you’ll find a parchment that details the location of the Iron Throne Prison.

    How to enter the Iron Throne Prison in BG3

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    To enter the Iron Throne Prison, take the hidden hatch from the Flymm Cargo building. This leads to the basement where you’ll come across Redhammer the Deviser, a character who operates the submersible. To get inside the submersible, convince Redhammer to take you down to the prison. Remember, Gortash will be furious if you choose to visit the Iron Throne Prison, and this will affect the deal with this boss.

    After reaching the Iron Throne Prison, the turn-based mode will begin and you’ll only have six turns to complete all the missions. Inside the prison, you’ll encounter various Gondian prisoners, along with Duke Ravengard. Apart from this, you’ll need to deal with the Sahuagin enemies that will continuously spawn inside the prison. Before getting inside the prison, I suggest boosting your party with spells, potions, and elixirs. An efficient strategy would be to use characters that have Haste and Misty Step to navigate around the prison unlocking all the cells, while the stronger members focus on fighting the enemies.

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    How to rescue the Gondians from Iron Throne Prison in BG3

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    The Gondians are locked in prison cells located all around the Iron Throne Prison, and you’ll have only six turns to save every prisoner. Check the yellow circles on the map image above to see the precise locations for all the cells with prisoners. Focus on unlocking all the cells within the first three turns to save most of the prisoners inside.

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    You’ll be able to control prisoner NPCs like Duke Ravengard, and it’s best to send him to the submersible immediately after rescuing him. I used characters like Astarion and Shadowheart to go around the prison and unlock the cells, while my custom character and Halsin fought the Sahuagin. For the first two turns, I suggest positioning your characters closer to the prison cells to unlock them quickly.

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    Since the prison is underwater, you’ll get brilliant results from using thunder and lightning attacks. Lightning arrows and spells knock down the enemies almost instantly, giving you enough room to free the prisoners. Remember, your main focus should be on opening all the prison cells rather than fighting the enemies. Positioning your party members strategically helps complete this mission faster. Make sure to spread out your characters to reach all the ends of the prison cell, and secure the path to the ladder.

    Once all the Gondian prisoners are free, use the ladder to get back to the submersible. However, before doing that, make sure you’ve freed Omeluum who’s locked inside a room on the southwest corner of the prison. Keep a couple of your party members behind to rescue the NPC, while the others can join the rest in the submersible.

    Should you save the Grand Duke and Omeluum in BG3?

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    Omeluum and Duke Ravengard are also prisoners inside the Iron Throne Prison, and I highly recommend rescuing them along with the Gondians. The prison will be destroyed once you leave it, so there is no chance to go back for these characters. The Duke is located inside the prison cell on the eastern end of the prison, while Omeluum is strapped to a chair on the southwestern corner.

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    Choosing to rescue Duke Ravengard ensures that the NPC joins you at camp. Likewise, Omeluum returns to the Society of Brilliance and offers you good loot for rescuing it. I recommend saving both of these NPCs as they offer assistance to your character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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