BG3 Gloomstalker Assassin Build Guide – Best Stats and Feats


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    There are many powerful multiclass builds that can be achieved in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Gloomstalker Ranger and the Assassin Rogue are two great subclasses that can dish out damage and have great utility. Combining the two into one build can result in one of the best combat classes for having high initiative and dishing out a lot of damage in combat. I like classes that have a lot of versatility, so the Gloomstalker Assassin has become one of my favorite additions to a party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    The Gloomstalker Assassin build can be great for your main character, but can also be a great choice for one of your companions. Since Astarion starts out as a Rogue, he is a great choice to build into a Gloomstalker Assassin. While Lae’zel is usually a Fighter, it is an interesting option to respec her into a stealthy Rogue/Ranger capable of taking out enemies very quickly. Here is how to make the Gloomstalker Assassin build:

    Gloomstalker Assassin Best Stats

    For your Gloomstalker Assassin to be most effective, you will want to focus on Dexterity to hit more with finesse weapons, have higher Initiative, and increase AC. You will also want some Constitution for your health and Concentration saves. Finally, you will also want your Wisdom a little high to benefit from saves and Ranger spells.

    • Strength: 8
    • Dexterity: 17
    • Constitution: 16
    • Intelligence: 10
    • Wisdom: 14
    • Charisma: 8

    How to build a Gloomstalker Assassin Build in BG3

    To start off, you will probably want to take Rogue for your first two levels. You will get Sneak Attack and Cunning Actions, which are extremely helpful early on. Then, you can either take Level 3 Rogue to unlock the Assassin subclass, or start dipping into Ranger. Overall, you will want to aim to get to Rogue Level 4 and Ranger Level 5.

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    By reaching Level 4 Rogue, will have upgraded Sneak Attack damage and be able to take a feat. You will also have the Assassin abilities unlocked at level 3, which are some of the most important abilities for this build. The Assassinate abilities will allow you to dish out tons of damage before enemies can get a turn.

    You will want to reach Ranger Level 5 to unlock another attack action and benefit from the Gloomstalker abilities. Dread Ambusher is a Gloomstalker ability unlocked at Level 3 that adds a +3 to your Initiative, increases Movement Speed by 3 meters, and gain an additional attack that deals +1d8 damage. Combined with the Assassinate ability, you will have much higher Initative than your enemies and be able to add on a lot of bonus damage to your first attacks.

    Best Feats for Gloomstalker Assassin in BG3

    You will be able to select two feats by the time you reach Level 9 with the Gloomstalker Assassin multiclass. You have the option to increase ability scores, which is very helpful, or you can take a feat. Here are the best feats to take for the Gloomstalker Assassin build:

    Feat Description
    Alert You gain a +5 bonus to Initiative and can’t be Surprised.
    Defensive Duelist When attacked while wielding a Finesse Weapon you’re Proficient with, you can use a reaction to add your Proficiency Bonus to your Armour Class, possibly causing the attack to miss.
    Mobile Your movement speed increases and difficult terrain doesn’t slow you down when you Dash.
    If you move after making a melee attack, you don’t provoke Opportunity Attacks from your target.
    Savage Attacker When making weapon attacks, you roll your damage dice twice and use the highest result.

    Overall, the advantages of being a Gloomstalker Assassin are to sneak around, surprise enemies, and deal a lot of damage in the first round. Gloomstalker Assassins can dish out a lot of damage throughout fights, but in the first round, you will see some massive damage numbers if you can attack enemies before they take a turn. These feats will help with early combat, navigation, and keep you from taking too much damage when attacked.

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