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    Unlike most video games on the market that encourage users to pick and upgrade whatever perk seems fancy to them, Ixion requires its players to pick upgrades to help along the quest line. Due to this approach, the upgrade pattern of all players tends to be the same with little deviation. So, if you’re a player who tries too hard and fails to progress due to poor upgrade selection, don’t worry – we’ve selected the best chronological order of upgrade pattern from the tech tree to help you get to the final screen. without difficulty.

    Ixion Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern Tier 0

    All tech tree upgrades at level 0 are fully unlocked by default in Ixion.

    Ixion Level 1 Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern

    Similar to Tier 0, most upgrades are unlocked by default, except for the two buildings, the Eva Airlock and the Probe Launcher. For this, you can start with the Eva AirLock, followed by building a Probe Launcher.

    Eva AirLock -> Probe Launcher

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    Ixion Level 2 Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern

    Level 2 is where the real game begins. We recommend starting with the Cryonics Center upgrade as you will need more people to expand into new sectors. After that you can do the Drums upgrade followed by the three types of factories like Steel Mill, Polymer Refinery and Electronic Factory. You can trade for one of the factories with any Stability building upgrades like Memorials in case you are losing trust among your people.

    Cryonics Center -> Battery Tier 1 -> Steel Mill -> Polymer Factory -> Electronics Factory -> Alternate Life Center -> Memorials -> Outer Hope Black Box (Required)

    Ixion Tier 3 Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern

    For Tier 3, you can start with something like a DLS center and go to Crop Farm or Cell Housing if you have problems with food or housing. But do any one at a time. After that, you can start the Colonization Training Center, as you might get the Test Colonization Protocols quest, followed by setting up a Fusion Station. Go to the Waste Treatment Center next and a Mushroom Wall. You can build a Legislative Strengthening Center before the previous two buildings if you are facing some Stability issues in one of your old sectors. Save the fire station for last, as it is of little to no use.

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    DLS Center -> Crop Farm/Cell Housing (Situation Based) -> Colonization Training Center -> Crop Farm/Cell Housing -> Waste Treatment Center -> Mushroom Wall -> Legislative Strengthening Center – > Fire station -> Protagoras diagnostic analysis (mandatory)

    Ixion Level 4 Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern

    The last and last level of upgrade is Level 4. For this, you can start with the Train Station to help set up the remaining sector quickly. After that, you can build a health center to help decrease the death rate, which should already be increasing. After that, you can do the Nuclear Power Plant and the Water Treatment Center. Before these buildings, you can also build seaweed farms if you are experiencing food shortages. Next in line should be Drone Bay to speed up resource sharing. For the rest of the benefit-based building, you can build it based on your deficiency or crisis at the time.

    The Piranesi (Required) -> Train Station -> Health Center -> Nuclear Power Plant -> Hydro Power Plant -> Seaweed Farms -> Drone Bay -> Helmet Temple -> Exo Fighting Dome -> Observatory

    Remember, these suggestions are based on the main questline. You can always change one upgrade or another to suit your playstyle or shortcomings.

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