Bethesda gives the thumbs up to the creator of the fan-made Starfield ship.


    Bethesda | Reddit – Its_All_Pixels

    Starfield It’s finally starting to feel like it. in fact is coming out, and while we still have a long wait ahead of us, we can’t wait to jump into our spaceship and explore the galaxy in what Bethesda is calling the biggest game ever.

    It’s so easy to sell, honestly – Skyrim Space is a concept most gamers can get on board with, but as Bethesda shows us it can be so much more, fans are losing their minds with anticipation.

    But one fan has found a way to push back his impatience — and Bethesda seems to approve.

    Fan makes unofficial Starfield ship builder.

    One fan apparently got sick of waiting to build his ship and chose to build it before the game even had a chance to launch.

    A fan is posting. Reddit has revealed its grandiose plans for its in-game ship when Starfield Launches Original, developed in Blender with exquisite attention to detail.

    The screenshots of the ship itself are really masterful, and seem to show off the shipbuilder in the game very well. It’s a project that will no doubt gel well with the original game itself, as many commentators have confirmed. “That sounds sick. Great job,” says one. “I hope we see mods with this quality in the future.”

    It doesn’t end there, though, as Bethesda itself seems to be a big fan of the build.

    Bethesda gives the fan-made ship its seal of approval.

    It’s not just Redditors who love shipbuilding, creators do too Starfield The ship is buzzing with its love.

    “Couldn’t wait for it to go to_all_pixels #Starfieldshipbuilder and has already started building one. Starfield-inspired ship in Blender!” the game’s official Twitter page shared the images.

    It’s lovely that Bethesda is supporting fan-made creations – as, finally, Skyrim And Fallout It wouldn’t be the same without its modding community. When it comes to the ship, though, we’ll take 5.


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