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    There are plenty of weapons to choose from in Armored Core 6, with quite a few different categories to choose from in the game, too. This allows you to perfect your build on your mech, as a lot of the weapons can be situational, and some are better than others in boss fights, for example. Here are all of the weapons in Armored Core 6, and what they are suited for.

    All Arm Unit Weapons in Armored Core 6

    Flying in to fight an airborne enemy in Armored Core 6

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    Arm Unit Weapons range from handguns, laser guns, rifles and more. They all have their uses and can be incredibly useful in a multitude of fights if you utilise them correctly. Here is every Arm Unit Weapon in the game.

    Burst Weapons

    • Burst Assault Rifle MA-J-201-RANSETSU-AR *
    • Burst Handgun MA-E-211 SAMPU
    • Burst Machine Gun MA-E-210 ETSUJIN
    • Burst Rifle MA-J-200 RANSETSU-RF

    Linear Rifles

    • Linear Rifle LR-036 CURTIS
    • Linear Rifle LR-037 HARRIS

    Assault Rifles and Machine Guns

    • Assault Rifle RF-024 TURNER *
    • Assault Rifle RF-025 SCUDDER *
    • Gatling Gun DF-GA-08 HU-BEN
    • Machine Gun DF-MG-02 CHANG-CHEN
    • Machine Gun MG-014 LUDLOW


    • Handgun HG-003 COQUILLETT
    • Handgun HG-004 DUCKETT


    • Shotgun SG-026 HALDEMAN
    • Shotgun SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
    • Shotgun WR-0777 SWEET SIXTEEN *

    Bazookas and Missile Launchers

    • Bazooka DF-BA-06 XUAN-GE
    • Bazooka LITTLE GEM
    • Bazooka MAJESTIC
    • Detonating Bazooka 44-141 JVLN ALPHA
    • Missile Launcher HML-G2/P19MLT-04
    • Siege Missile Launcher WS-500 APERITIF
    • Split Missile Launcher HML-3 P08SPL-06


    • Grenade Launcher DF-GR-07 GOU-CHEN
    • Grenade Launcher DIZZY
    • Grenade Launcher IRIDIUM
    • Jamming Bomb Launcher MA-T-223 KYORKU
    • Napalm Bomb Launcher MA-T-22 KYORAI
    • Stun Bomb Launcher WS-1200 THERAPIST

    Laser Weapons

    • Laser Handgun VP-66LH
    • Laser Rifle VE-66LRA
    • Laser Rifle VE-66LRB
    • Laser Rifle VP-66LR
    • Laser Shotgun VP-66LS
    • Laser Shotgun WUERGER/66E

    Plasma Weapons

    • Plasma Rifle IA-C01W1: NEBULA
    • Plasma Rifle Vvc-760PR

    Pulse Weapons

    • Pulse Gun HI-16: GU-Q1
    • Pulse Gun HI-18: GU-A2

    Melee Weapons

    • Chainsaw WB-0010 DOUBLE TROUBLE
    • Laser Blade Vvc-770LB
    • Laser Dagger VP-67LD *
    • Laser Lance VE-67LLA
    • Laser Slicer Vvc0774LS
    • Light Wave Blade IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT
    • Pile Bunker PB-033M ASHMEAD
    • Plasma Thrower 44-143 HMMR
    • Pulse Blade H1-32:BU-TT/A *


    • Flamethrower WB-0000 BAD COOK
    • Multi Energy Rifle 44-142 KRSV
    • Needle Gun EL-PW-00 VIENTO
    • Stun Gun VP-66EG


    Best Arm Unit Weapons in Armored Core 6

    Exploding aircraft in Armored Core 6

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    If you’re daunted by the huge list of weapons in front of you, don’t panic. There are weapons that are objectively better than the rest of them, and you’ll see that they have an asterisk next to them in the list above so that you know which they are. 

    If you’re not sure where to begin with weaponry, the RF-024 TURNER is a great weapon to start with as it has good firepower and full auto, allowing you to push your mech to its limits without going overboard, and doing significant damage, either a new recruit or a veteran user.

    The next upgrade of that weapon would be the RF-025 SCUDDER, as it requires more precise aiming, and has better damage as a weapon. If you feel ready for an upgrade, this is the weapon to choose. 

    All Shoulder Weapons in Armored Core 6

    Blue explosion in Armored Core 6

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    There are plenty of shoulder weapons to experiment with, and they can really pack a punch. These weapons mostly rely on rockets and missiles but do push the boat out with weapons like orbits.

    Missile Launchers

    • Active Homing Missile Launcher BML-G3/P04ACT-02
    • Active Homing Missile Launcher BML-G3/P04ACT–01
    • Cluster Missile Launcher WR-0999 DELIVERY BOY
    • Container Missile Launcher BML-G1/P29CNT
    • Dual Missile Launcher BML-G1/P32DUO-03
    • Dual Missile Launcher BML-G1/PS1DUO-02
    • Dual Missile Launcher BML-G2/P08DUO-03
    • Missile Launcher BML-G1/P20MLT-04
    • Missile Launcher BML-G2/P03MLT-06
    • Missile Launcher BML-G2/P05MLT-10
    • Needle Missile Launcher EL-PW-01 TRUENO
    • Plasma Missile Launcher Vvc-703PM
    • Plasma Missile Launcher Vvc-706PM
    • Plasma Missile Launcher Vvc-70PM
    • Scatter Missile Launcher WS-5001 SOUP
    • Split Missile Launcher BML-62/P17SPL-16
    • Split Missile Launcher BML-62/P19SPL-12
    • Split Missile Launcher BML-G2/P16SPL-08
    • Vertical Missile Launcher BML-G1/P01VTC-04
    • Vertical Missile Launcher BML-G1/P03VTC-08
    • Vertical Missile Launcher BML-G1/P07VTC-12

    Bazookas and Grenade Cannons

    • Grenade Cannon SONGBIRDS *
    • Spread Bazooka SB-033M MORLEY

    Laser, Pulse and Plasma Cannons

    • Diffuse Laser Cannon VP-60LCD
    • Grenade Cannon EARSHOT
    • Laser Cannon VE-60LCA
    • Laser Cannon VP-60LCS
    • Plasma Cannon FASAN/60E
    • Pulse Cannon KRANICH/60Z


    • Bullet Orbit B0-044 HUXLEY
    • Laser Orbit 45-091 ORBT
    • Laser Turret VP-60LT
    • Laser Drone Vvc-700LD


    • Pulse Shield Launcher EULE/60D
    • Stun Needle Launcher VE-60SNA *


    Best Shoulder Weapons in Armored Core 6

    "Code 1.5: Target for Termination sighted" said by a tall mech with sparks coming off of their arm

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    There are a lot of shoulder weapons to choose from in Armored Core 6. Again, two of the best have been highlighted. The Stun Needle Launcher is particularly useful if you are coming up against one of the bosses in Armored Core 6. It has a pretty strong attack power and is good at dealing with shields. 

    Whilst the SONGBIRDS is compact, that doesn’t negate its damage too much. It makes up for it by being double-barreled, and this helps it make up for the damage that would be lost from being a bigger weapon. This weapon is good if you’re going for a smaller mech build.

    That’s everything you need to know about all of the weapons in Armored Core 6. For more guides on Armored Core 6, keep reading GGRecon.



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