Best units for Tower of Eternity in Anime Defenders


    Tower of Eternity is an especially challenging single-player mode that’s perfect for farming gems and experience. But to be successful, you must bring the units that can maximize your chances. Here are the best units for Tower of Eternity in Anime Defenders.

    Tower of Eternity Meta Units in Anime Defenders

    The Tower of Eternity is an infinite mode where your goal is to reach as many floors as you can. The Tower levels are smaller, which makes the fight more intense. To win fights in small spaces, you need to have some of the best units in Anime Defenders. Below you will find mythic meta units that you should include in your teams.

    • Bear King – Efficient hybrid AoE unit with purge gives you everything you need from a unit in Tower of Eternity mode.
    • Cursed fighter – This is a meta support unit for a reason. Cursed Fighter is one of the best support units, thanks to its powerful debuffs and AoE attack.
    • Opportunity taker A combination of area of ​​effect, critical hits, and long-range attacks can make a difference on more difficult floors. But since this is a secret unit, don’t count on Chance Taker if you don’t have it, as the chances of getting those units are slim to none.
    • Donut Warrior – Combine slowing units with AoE attack. Important for more difficult floors when some enemies will surely escape your defenses.
    • The Rift Sorcerer One of the best hybrid units with very high damage and efficient AoE attacks. The fact that he can destroy flying units is another important reason to include Gojo in your team.
    • elf sorceress – Exceptional damage output is accompanied by a full AoE. That’s all you need if you want to go far in this endless mode.
    • Flame Dragon King – Due to its efficient burn damage and area-of-effect attack, you can defeat multiple enemies simultaneously.

    Best Legendary Units for Tower of Eternity in Anime Defenders

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    Acquiring the most powerful mythical units is difficult in Anime Defenders since you depend on the luck of the summons. That’s why you should rely heavily on some of the best legendary units in Anime Defenders. But if you’ve leveled your character to level 30 (a requirement for entering ToE), you should have at least one or two Mythics to accompany your Legendaries. With that in mind, here is a list of legendary units that will be of great use to you.

    • ice admiral – Slowing down units is crucial if you don’t have powerful units from the start.
    • Lava Admiral – Burn damage will help you tremendously, even more than the damage output from Admiral.
    • Gaffe – While not as powerful as Pink Rockstar, you will need more money if you want to defend yourself efficiently on more difficult floors.
    • pink rock star This farming unit is a must-have for any Tower of Eternity team competition. Most of the units you will take to Tower are expensive, so having a farming unit is a must for more complex floors where you will need to upgrade units more frequently.
    • electric cyborg – Useful for covering additional objectives with your turret.

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