Best Starfield XP Farm – Fastest Leveling Methods


    Starfield features a level cap of 100, and reaching it became one of my major goals, as I wanted to maximize my skills. While I was leveling up as I progressed, I found the leveling up to be a bit slow for my taste. Thus, I began looking for an XP farm to get levels quickly in Starfield.

    How to Level up Quickly in Starfield

    The method used by I Lap The Flash allows you to get to level 100 in a matter of minutes by collecting resources and crafting. It requires about an hour’s setup, but you’ll quickly level up once you complete this step. You do need materials to build all of your Outpost parts and its you’ll be crafting. Here are the materials required for this XP farm in Starfield.

    • Materials Needed
      • Adaptive Frame
      • Aluminum
      • Beryllium
      • Cobalt
      • Copper
      • Iron
      • Lubricant
      • Nickel
      • Tungsten
      • Zero Wire

    Most of these can be purchased from the UC Distribution store in New Atlantis in Jemison. If she does not have an item you need, rest in one of the chairs in UC Distribution for 24 hours to replenish her stock. You’ll need to repeat this about ten times to ensure you have enough of the required components. Place some of the material in your cargo and return it to your home ship.

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    Make your way to the nearby moon of Kurtz, which orbits Jemison. Scan the planet for resources and search for a patch of Aluminum. Land here and create an outpost. Place about six Aluminum Extractors and Solar Arrays to power your Outpost, roughly nine or more. Add Solid Storage Crates to your Outpost as well, about six. Finally, link the Aluminum Extractors to the Solid Storage Crates. The placement doesn’t matter, so long as the extractors are on the resource.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Build an Industrial Work Bench and someplace to sit and rest. Craft as many Zero Wires as you can rest until they are done. You should also build a Landing Pad with Shipbuilder near your Aluminum Extractors and Solid Storage Crates for faster travel.

    Now, you need to build your second Outpost, which will be done on Zamka. Scan the planet and a patch of Iron. Recreate the build you used for the Aluminum Outpost but with Iron Extractors instead. Your third Outpost will be located on the planet Rasalhague II, located in the Rasalahuge System, which is to the right and above Cheyenne. Scan the planet and find Nickel and Cobalt in the same location.

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    Build the same Outpost layout as before, but place down as many Nickel and Cobalt Extractors as you can and as many Solid Storage Crates as you can. You’ll be crafting Isocentered Magnets. Set the amount to 99 and craft them, then back out of the screen. Repeat the crafting until you reach level 100. And there you have it, you’ve now reached level 100 in Starfield in a mere matter of minutes.

    Alternative Starfield XP Farm

    Another way to quickly farm XP in Starfield is by killing enemies. Normally, enemies don’t grant much experience, but you can kill large groups of enemies to quickly level up. Some planets have huge numbers of enemies, making it easy to level up and quickly reach level 100.

    Eggbacks – Khayyam II

    Head to Khayyam II, which is located in the Khayyam System. You can Khayyam to the right of Olympus, Volii, and Porrima. When you land on the planet, select one of the green patches, as Swarming Eggbacks spawn here. You will find large numbers of this enemy and can quickly kill groups of them to get lots of experience. Feel free to jump on a rock where they can’t reach you and mow them down until you reach your desired level.

    Image by MyFullGames

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