Best Starfield armour sets & where to find them


    Finding the best Starfield armour can be a hard task as there are many different armour sets in the game. However, we can show you where to find a particularly strong set of gear at the start of the game which will last you for dozens of hours. 

    Starfield has many of the same RPG features that were prevalent in older Bethesda titles, such as the traditional gear and weapons progression, a lockpicking minigame, romanceable companions with unique questlines, and much more. 

    If you want to have an easier start with the game and ensure you survive the many encounters with alien creatures and rogue spacers, you’ll want to equip the best Starfield armour set. So, check out where to get one early in the game for free.

    Best Starfield armour

    Mark 1 Constellation set

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    The best Starfield armour is the Mark 1 Constellation set that can be found at the Constellation Lodge in New Atlantis. This can be picked up the first time you arrive at the location, and due to its high stats, it will last you for dozens of hours of playtime. 

    You can find it in the basement of the Constellation building. Start by going through the room with the workbenches, and then right at the corridor. At the end is a doorway with a painting on the wall opposite – head into this room. 

    In this room, you can find a locked display case on the left with the Mark 1 Constellation armour set inside. The case has a Master lock, making it difficult to open until you reach level three in the Security skill, but you can bypass this. 

    an image showing how to get the Mark 1 Constellation set, the best Starfield armour

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    If you aim at the seal between the glass door and the glass walls of the case, you’ll be able to interact with the mannequin inside and loot the armour set without having to open the lock. This gives you:

    • Mark 1 Spacesuit
    • Mark 1 Helmet
    • Mark 1 Pack

    You can now equip and use the Mark 1 Constellation set, giving you the best Starfield armour set early in the game.

    Mantis set

    the Mantis armour in Starfield

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    Another one of the best Starfield armour sets is the Mantis armour, which can be picked up for free during the related Mantis quest in the early-to-mid portion of the game. 

    We’ve linked our full walkthrough for the quest above, but if you need a brief walkthrough, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

    • During The Old Neighbourhood quest you can pick up a data slate from a random spacer called “Secret Outpost!
    • Read the slate and the quest will be added to your log, pointing you toward the Denebola system to find a hidden outpost
    • Find the Mantis base in the system on Denebola I-B
    • Make your way through the base and solve the puzzle at the end
    • Get your quest rewards, such as the Mantis armour set and the Razorleaf (one of the best Starfield ships)

    Peacemaker set

    the Peacemaker armour set, one of the best Starfield armour sets

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    Image via YouTube: LunarGaming

    The Peacemaker armour is more of a mid-game set, coming in at Legendary tier and boasting some fantastic stats, with its biggest selling points being the +10% damage boost with rifles and automatic invisibility while crouching in place.

    To get this armour set, you’ll need to finish the Peacemaker questline at the Elios Retreat. You can start this by heading to the star system of Ixyll, located at the northeast of the star map.

    Upon landing at the retreat, you’ll be presented with the Dead Stop mission, where you need to locate a missing worker called Kilmin in a nearby cave. If you continue following this questline, you’ll eventually get the Ghost Hunt and Exorcism quests.

    No matter what choices you make in these quests, this all ends with you getting the Peacemaker armour set from Reisha at Loredo Firearms in Akila City.

    Advanced UC AntiXeno set

    the Advanced UC Antixeno set in Starfield

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    Image via YouTube: Game Guides Channel

    One of the best Starfield armour sets is the Advanced UX AntiXeno set, which can be earned for free after following the UC Vanguard questline you can pick up early in the game.

    The suit stands out with the Auto-Medic and Sentinel passives, which apply Med Packs when you’re under 25% health, and give you a chance to reduce damage when standing still respectively.

    You can join the UC Vanguard in New Atlantis by speaking to John Tuala in the MAST building lobby and following the steps. After this, you just need to continue the quest line and complete the missions leading up to Hostile Intelligence. After finishing this last mission, you’ll be rewarded with an armour set and a powerful weapon.

    That’s our full breakdown of the best Starfield armour and where to find it, and now you know how to earn some of the best armour in the game.

    For more Starfield guides, stick with GGRecon. Alternatively, check out all Starfield powers and how to get them.


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