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    Spells are an integral part of combat mechanics in Immortals of Aveum. While spamming random spells may help you to win the battle during the initial part of the campaign, it will prove less effective against enemies in the middle and latter sections of the game, as you must adjust your spells depending on the enemy movements and attack types. So, if you are struggling to eliminate enemies, use the following list of Spells to counter any creatures in the game. 

    Best Spells in Immortals of Aveum


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    Limpets are one of the best spells in Immortals of Aveum, as they help in combat scenarios and solve various quests. Use the ability to slow down fast-moving enemies, especially giant ones that can smash you instantly. Upon slowing creatures, you can either use the time to reposition yourself to a comfortable position or heal to re-engage.

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    If you want to be all aggressive and in the face of your opponents, Bash is your go-to ability. This red magic power spell helps to lunge forward and bash your enemies in their faces, inflicting damage and a knockback effect. You can use the ability to re-engage or to initiate the battle. Also, use the knockback/stun effect to your advantage by combining it with other Spells like Immolate to deal a lot of damage.


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    Shirkebolt is a fantastic spell that helps you to deal with enemies from mid and long-range damage. Use the skill against flying enemies that move around a lot and direct it against their critical spot to wreck their armor immediately. In battle against regular large-sized foes, use the ability depending on your distance from them, as it does not deal much damage when you are close to the enemy.

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    While Shirkebolt is suitable for long-range fights, the Fragfire is the ideal spell for close-range combats. Upon using the ability, you can quickly deal a large burst of damage that is pretty effective against melee-type enemies. Since the ability inflicts AOE-type burst damage, it is also effective when fighting multiple opponents near each other.


    While being offensive is required for winning, you should also be defensive and block attacks from opponents when your attacking spells are on cooldown. As the name suggests, Shield is a defensive spell that deploys a giant barrier and can block almost any type of attack in the game. The only downside to the magic is that it is only available for a short duration and has a long cooldown. So, carefully use the ability when you are facing severe heat.

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