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    The best controller settings are important to find if you want to enjoy Starfield on Xbox. The default controls are solid, but you might want to change these settings to get the best controller settings you can in the game.

    Starfield has some different options you can change in order to get the best controller settings you can. We’ll show you which settings are worth changing to have the most enjoyable experience playing the game on consoles (or on PC with a controller).

    Best controller settings to change in Starfield

    Exploring a planet in Starfield.

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    As mentioned, the default controls for Starfield are perfectly functional and don’t really require many changes. However, you might prefer different controls, and we’ll help you find the best controller settings for you.

    For example, you might want to change the Jump button from Y to A. If you’re not used to jumping with Y, this could trip you up in your playthrough, so you could swap the Jump and Interact buttons. If you don’t like interacting with Y instead of A, you might want to stick with the default controls.

    If you prefer inverted controls, make sure you change that option in the settings. This is especially important if you enjoy inverted controls while flying – you’ll be doing quite a bit of piloting spaceships in this game.

    If you want, you can turn off the controller vibration to make sure you don’t have any unnecessary rumbling, but you can leave this on if you don’t mind it as much.

    Best sensitivity settings on controller in Starfield

    Piloting a ship in space in Starfield.

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    It’s also worth changing your Aim Sensitivity and Look Sensitivity. These are quite low by default in Starfield, and to get the best controller settings you’ll definitely want to change these.

    You can turn both the Aim Sensitivity H and Aim Sensitivity V settings up to 100%. This will match your look sensitivity with your aim sensitivity in the game, making for a smoother experience.

    You can tweak your controller sensitivity to whatever setting you like. The higher it is, the quicker your character will turn. This could make aiming harder or easier depending on what your setting is and what you’re used to in other games.

    Best controller bindings for Starfield on Xbox

    Ship combat in Starfield.

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    Here’s a full list of the ideal controls for the main gameplay of Starfield. Most of these are still the default options as the game was designed with these controls in mind, but you’re free to customise them if you prefer.

    Action Controls
    Movement Left Stick
    Primary Attack RT
    Secondary Attack LT
    Melee Right Stick
    Grenade RB
    Hand Scanner/Flashlight LB
    Activate A or Y
    Jump Y or A
    Reload/Sheathe weapon X

    More bindings below…

    Action Controls
    Power LB and RB
    Sprint Left Stick
    Sneak B
    Quick Keys D-Pad
    Spaceship boosters Left Stick
    Flight Modes RB
    POV toggle Back
    Ship Action X
    Select target A

    These controls should be good enough for you to fully enjoy Starfield. If you feel like changing anything to a different button, make sure you also change the action that used to be tied to that button.

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