Best Rom-Com Moments on the Series


hollow stars of gilmore girls it’s the kind of perfect small town that fits right into rom-com land. From the quirky supporting characters to the town festivals, Stars Hollow offers a rom-com lover’s dream. gilmore girls‘ career of seven seasons. Another element of romantic comedy that gilmore girls perfectly executed is romantic and touching moments. With the first note of sentimental background music, viewers know a “time” is coming.

There are many relationships that have come and gone in Stars Hollow. Not every couple may have made it to the end of the show like Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham), but plenty of couples had some of the best rom-com moments ever. In fact, there were even couples who deserved so much more from the show because they had such fierce chemistry like Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Jess (Milo Ventimiglia). Here are some of the best swoon-worthy romantic comedy moments from gilmore girls.

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Rory spontaneously kisses Jess for the first time.

During Sookie’s (Melissa McCarthy) and Jackson’s (Jackson Douglas) wedding in the Season 2 finale, Rory is shocked to see Jess, who she thought had left Stars Hollow for good. Jess is a man of very few words, so when Rory asks him why he moved back, he simply tells her that he wanted to. Overcome by her feelings for him, Rory finally leads him into the long-awaited kiss that fans of this couple have been waiting for since Jess first moved to Stars Hollow. There can be no more romantic moment than a spontaneous first kiss. In fact, the only obstacle to Rory and Jess finally being able to be together after sharing this passionate and spontaneous first kiss is that Rory was still in a relationship with Dean (Jared Padalecki) when it happened. As a result, Rory freaks out and backs away from the kiss. He then begs Jess not to say anything before running back to the wedding.

Rory takes a leap of faith with Logan in the Life and Death Squad.

When Rory first meets Logan (Matt Czuchry), she is very risk averse and plays it safe. Logan, however, is the complete opposite. He is a member of the Life and Death Brigade, a secret society at Yale that Rory is writing about for the school newspaper. In Season 5, Episode 7, Logan helps her get the story she needs from her by taking her to the group’s retreat. While she’s there, Rory discovers that the main event of the weekend is a group of six people jumping off a seven-story scaffolding with harnesses and black umbrellas while wearing formal clothes. In a very rom-com speech, Logan convinces Rory to jump with him, saying, “People can live a hundred years without really living a minute. Come up here with me, it’s one minute less you haven’t lived.” Moved by Logan’s words to take a risk, Rory puts her faith in him and together they take the leap.

Luke builds an ice skating rink for Lorelai.

One of the most beloved television relationships is undoubtedly Luke and Lorelai. They also happen to be the only gilmore girls pair that reaches the final state of the game. Luke has done a lot of romantic things for Lorelai throughout her relationship, but one of her best rom-com moments is when Luke builds her an ice rink. Lorelai is known to have a special connection with snow, but when her car gets buried in the snow, she begins to get back at him in Season 5, Episode 11. Luke, knowing how much snow means to Lorelai, builds her an ice. skating rink and explains, “I thought I’d get them back together, that they’d feel better in the snow again. He goes on to say that he doesn’t want her to be sulking over things like him even though they’re in a relationship. It’s a very simple and sweet gesture that shows how much he cares about her and shows why they are one of the best couples on the show.

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Rory confesses that she loves Dean

Before Rory slept with a married Dean in the season 4 finale and had a clandestine relationship with him, Rory and Dean were probably one of the most innocent representations of first love. In Season 1, Rory couldn’t say “I love you” to Dean, her first boyfriend, so he broke up with her. But in the season 1 finale, after Rory shows up at Dean’s house only to run away and give a public speech at a town hall meeting alluding to the fact that he made a mistake with Dean, he shows up at Chilton to talk to she. When Dean sees Rory with Tristan (Chad Michael Murray), he is about to leave and she begs him to stop. Dean asks why, and Rory, afraid of losing him yet again, utters one of the most iconic lines on the show: “Because I love you, asshole.” Just like in a romantic comedy, angst-ridden music starts playing out of nowhere and Dean pulls back and kisses Rory passionately.

Max proposes to Lorelai with 1000 yellow daisies

Another romantic comedy moment that happens in the season 1 finale of gilmore girls it’s Max (Scott Cohen) proposing to Lorelai with 1,000 yellow daisies. Earlier in the episode, he had spontaneously proposed during a fight and Lorelai proclaims that the proper way to propose is not a desperate attempt to break up a fight. She says, “There should be a thousand yellow daisies and candles and a horse.” Max can’t get a candle or a horse at the end of the episode, but he fills the Independence Inn with 1000 yellow daisies to propose to Lorelai the right way. It’s clear that Max could still be proposing for the wrong reasons because he describes the proposal as “impulsive,” but all those margaritas definitely have a place in the TV rom-com hall of fame.

To see all these romantic comedy moments, all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls are streaming now on Netflix.

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