Best Remnant 2 Challenger Builds



    My first playthrough of Remnant 2 comprised playing a Hunter and keeping my distance from most enemies. As a result, I wanted something very different for my second character, so I took a look at my available archetypes. This ended up being the Challenger, the tank-like shotgun-wielding archetype. However, I wanted to take what I had learned and make the best Challenger build in Remnant 2.

    Best Challenger Build in Remnant 2

    The Challenger is a close-range fighter that can take a lot of damage, making it the perfect tank. For this build, we will be focusing on making the Challenger as tanky as possible and becoming your party’s bullet sponge. Here is the best build for Challenger in Remnant 2.

    • Secondary Archetype: Engineer
    • Skill: Juggernaut/Vulcan
    • Best Traits: Vigor, Expertise, Barkskin, Shadeskin, Fortify
    • Gear:
      • Armor Set: Leto Mark II
      • Long Gun: Ford’s Scatter Gun
      • Hand Gun: Double Barrel
      • Melee Weapon: Royal Broadsword
      • Amulet: Death’s Embrace
      • Rings: Alchemy Stone, Amber Moonstone, Ring of Grace, Hardcore Metal Band
      • Relic: Dragon Heart

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    This build focuses on staying alive and dealing massive amounts of damage with shotguns. As such, you will be spending most of your time in the front line. Juggernaut is a crucial part of this build, giving you Bulwark when activated. It also increases your movement speed and your melee weapon damage. This pairs nicely with the Hardcore Metal Band, as this ring can give you Bulwark while you wait for Juggernaut to recharge.

    The Engineer archetype adds a hefty amount of armor, making you even more tanky. Fortify and Heavy Mobility will make you more durable and increase your speed while holding a heavy weapon. I like the traits listed above, as they provide increased defense and health. Expertise is a must, as it will let you activate Juggernaut and Vulcan more often.

    You also gain access to heavy weapons, which round out your arsenal nicely by letting you use it to get more range. As you primarily use shotguns, having a long-range weapon is great, even if it is temporary. Overall, you should be surviving most fights with this build, but don’t get too aggressive or make risky decisions every encounter and make sure you are healing when needed.

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