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    Phasmophobia is one of the best multiplayer horror games you can enjoy on PC. One of the benefits of PC gaming is modding, which allows you to add player-made content to your game. I have spent the last few days playing and testing mods for Phasmophobia, and I’m here to share them with you. In this guide, I’ll list the 12 best mods you can play in Phasmophobia.

    Scooby-Doo Edition Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    If you are a Scooby-Doo fan, this is a great mod that adds a variety of content from the series to Phasmophobia. It allows you to select Shaggy as a playable character and turns the van into the iconic Mystery Machine. Additionally, the sanity pills are replaced with Scooby snacks. You can go to the link for this mod and follow the instructions to install it. 

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    Fossu’s Light and Dark Reshade Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    If you’re looking for a more immersive experience in Phasmophobia, there is a mod to help you achieve that look. Fossu’s Light and Dark Reshade mod helps bring life to the game by adding more dynamic, eerie lighting. There are two different modes in this mod: light and dark. You can check both of these on the Nexus

    Horror Ambiance Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    While Phasmophobia doesn’t shy away from horror, adding some new sounds can take the scare factor a step further. This mod from Nexus helps you do that by adding a bunch of spooky sound effects to the game, which can take you by surprise. Keep in mind that several of these new sounds are quite loud and very sudden, so exercise discretion while playing.

    Cam’s Reshade Preset Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    Changing just the sound and lighting might not be enough for some of us, which is where re-shading comes in handy. With this mod, you can choose between different presets such as HDR, MagicHDR, Bloom, and chromatic aberration. Using these, the game will feel very different, and whether you like it or not depends on personal preference. But it’s worth trying, so grab this mod from Nexus

    Phasmophobia Assistant Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    Phasmophobia can undoubtedly be difficult to play for newer players. That’s mainly due to the limited information on certain in-game options, an issue solved by this mod. You will see contract details, maps, records of current progress, and more. You pick this mod from Nexus mods, and it works for most versions of the game.

    Phasmo Gadget Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    Ghosts can be confusing to catch in Phasmophobia since there are different tools for different ghosts. Phasmo Gadget mod from Nexus presents you with different assistant options that tell you the right gadgets for each type of ghost. Using this mod can save you a lot of time if you are looking to get things done fast. 

    Ghost Busters Radio Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    To make things more fun and less scary, you can get the Ghost Busters Radio mod from Nexus. This mod replaces the normal radio noises with the Ghost Busters’ theme song. It’s one of the simpler mods, but it can make the game a lot better, especially if you are starting out and need some motivation. 

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    New TV Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    For another subtle touch, the New TV mod replaces your usual TV with new textures and audio. There will be two hands on the TV with a gray background. You can grab this mod from here, and there are detailed instructions on how you can install it. 

    Ghostbusters Edition Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    We’re back to Ghostbusters again, but it’s not just the radio this time. This mod from Nexus changes the game’s theme to match Ghostbusters, from cars on the various maps of Phasmophobia to your own van. Installing this mod is pretty simple, and once you do, you will not regret the life it brings to the game. 

    Coca Cola Anime Book Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    I am a huge anime fan, and the Coca Cola Anime Book Mod adds a humorous touch of it to the game. This mod changes how the ghostwriting book works, and the ghosts will draw anime waifus (or hubandos). There are various characters that they can draw from Naruto, Kakeguri, Kill la Kill, and more. You can grab this mod from Nexus Mods and follow the instructions to get it installed. 

    Cats Tarot Cards Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    If you’re a cat person, especially someone who loves some classic cat memes, this mod from Nexus is for you. It will replace all your tarot cards with pictures of cat memes, and they are really cute. This is also great if you are looking to break a little bit of the horror in the game. 

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    Among Us Tarot Cards Mod

    Image via Nexus Mods

    As the name suggests, the Among Us Tarot Cards mod works exactly like the cat one, but with Among Us memes instead of cats. It’s a great choice if you want to inject some immersion-breaking humor into Phasmophobia. You can also get this mod from Nexus

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