Best new Keystones in Trial of the Ancestors – Path of Exile 3.22



    Trial of the Ancestors’ auto-chess battler is live in Path of Exile 3.22, along with new uniques, tattoos that replace passives in the tree, and 16 new Atlas Keystones to turn late-game content upside down. Everyone has their favorite new Keystone. As for me, I have four I like a lot.

    Best Atlas Keystones in 3.22 – Path of Exile

    Including the new Atlas Keystones for Trial of the Ancestors, there are a total of 30 available for late-game map grinding. The new ones for the league have a variety of uses, whether it’s un-corrupting the Vaal side areas in maps to forcing the Maven to summon additional bosses. There are so many new and interesting choices for Altas Keystones in 3.22, but some are definitely more interesting than others.

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    All Hands Atlas Keystone

    All Hands is so easy to love in the early-late-game stages of PoE. With its position at the beginning of the tree, you have an easy way to nab it early and use it until it’s no longer helpful. All Hands gives maps an additional 40 percent chance to contain a random Master encounter, removing Master Missions from completed maps. Since the boost in currency outweighs the loss of all those low-end Master missions by a lot, you really aren’t giving anything up to get extra dough. And then you can ditch it when you hit red maps to nab something better for those later maps.

    Destructive Play Atlas Keystone

    While forcing the Maven to summon one to three additional bosses when witnessing has the potential to absolutely destroy a run, with great risk comes immense rewards. Nothing fills that currency tab up like taking down two to four modded bosses.

    The Seventh Gate Atlas Keystone

    The Seventh Gate is a money-making Keystone that grants the ability for you to craft any league map you want. While you have to shimmy around the Atlas tree a bit in order to pick up all six of the Gateways, the ability to craft any kind of map is well worth the trouble.

    Meticulous Appraiser Atlas Keystone

    Meticulous Appraiser isn’t great for everyone, but is amazing for anyone building for Solo Self-Found (SSF). It exchanges mods to quantity found in your maps to rarity of items instead at 300 percent of their value, giving SSF players a way to fill up their stash tabs despite not being able to trade.

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