Best Minecraft Trial Chambers Seeds


    Trial Chambers are difficult to find as they are hidden deep underground. If you want to explore the newest structure in Minecraft 1.21, these 10 Trial Chamber seeds will get you there in no time.

    Best Minecraft Java Test Chamber Seeds

    Since Trial Chambers are structures, they spawn differently for Java and Bedrock players even when using the same seed. These five seeds were tested and chosen with Java breeders in mind.

    Exuberant tests

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: -4489292942806155692

    A lush cave improves every Minecraft seed. This one goes a step further by incorporating a lush cave into the new test chambers! Glow berries hanging from the ceiling give players exploring the structure a little more light. Spore flowers hang from some of the copper blocks, giving the Chambers a more mystical look.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Lush entrance room to the Trial Chamber: 168, -10, 302
    Lush Trial Court: 131, -32, 302
    Taiga Village: 389, 69, 365

    Towns between 3 Trial Chambers

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    Seed: 4349502568595714755

    If you’re looking to quickly gather gear before taking on the Test Chambers, I recommend picking up this seed. It has two Plains Villages located in a triangle of three Trial Courts. Visit villages to collect tools and trade with villagers, then travel to the Vaults coordinates and continue down. If you want more, there is a third village and a fourth Trial Chamber southwest of the first Trial Chamber.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Plains Town 1: 27, 76, -148
    Plains Town 2: -196, 90, -316
    Trial Chambers 1: -36, -8, 70
    Trial Chambers 2: 234, 2, -337
    Trial Chambers 3: -331, 7, -370

    rapid tests

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    Seed: 1266581059289646120

    This Minecraft seed allows you to explore Test Chambers while they are still fresh and new. The closest Test Chamber is less than 100 blocks from the spawn location, allowing you to walk around and excavate in it. It’s perfect for survival players, but also for those who want to take a look at the Vaults before visiting them in their own world.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Rapid Trial Chambers: 71, -16, -2

    Taiga tests

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    Seed: -876982360432160129

    This Taiga is full of underground surprises. While digging through the Testing Chambers, players will find a mine shaft and a luxurious Lush Cave before entering the Chambers. The Lush Cave runs through the roof of the Chambers, adding beautiful greenery to the structure. Start this world by gathering the treasure inside the mine shaft. Then, use those resources to create tough gear to take on the trials!

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Taiga: Appear
    Mineshaft: 41, 43, 41
    Lush cave: 40, 29, 44
    Trial Chambers: 62, -19, 38

    Complicated test below Plains Village

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    Seed: -4846938560221895644

    This plains village is unknowingly built on an intricate Trial Chamber. Even players traveling to the village will be unaware of the elusive structure if they don’t speak to the right cartographer. However, those who know the location of the Chambers have the opportunity to find their tribulations and rewards for themselves.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Plains People: -253, 68, -214
    Trial Chambers: -263, -23, -210

    Best Minecraft Bedrock Test Chamber Seeds

    These five Trial Chambers seeds are perfect for mobile, console, and Minecraft for Windows players. Each one offers a different vision of this new structure so you can enjoy it in your own way.

    Trails and tests

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    Seed: 1096566289283163030

    The best that Minecraft 1.20 and 1.21 has to offer is here! This seed contains two sets of Trails Ruins with Test Chambers and a third Test Chamber alone. It will give you easy access to many pottery shards and armor ornaments, including the newest ones from the Tricky Trials update.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Ruined Portal: 67, 94, 156
    Trail Ruins 1: 32, 69, -260
    Trial Chambers 1: 9, -24, -297
    Trial Chambers 2: 142, -26, 87
    Trail Ruins 2: -243, 64, 331
    Trial Chambers 3: -233, -32, 263

    Gravel Village on testing

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    Seed: -7082686264220947476

    This lively Plains Village is just steps from Spawn. It has many resources for players to collect, from crops to villager trading and chest loot. What makes it particularly special is the Trial Chamber which is hidden underground below! Build a home with the villagers, with a spiral staircase to the Chamber. It’s a perfect way to accumulate experience, mine rare goods from vaults, and practice monster hunting.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Plains People: 123, 75, 163
    Trial Chambers: 142, -27, 215

    Tests in the lush jungle

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    Seed: -8525170477478532608

    This jungle is home to both a jungle temple and a testing chamber. Take on the Jungle Temple first, then dig through the dirt to access the Testing Room. The top of the Chamber is located in a Lush Cave biome, allowing glow berries, vines, and spore flowers to grow from the ceiling.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Jungle Temple: 5, 88, 182
    Trial Chambers: 32, -24, 233

    Starting tests

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    Seed: 2694521320399582826

    If you’re looking to explore the Trial Chamber as soon as possible, look no further than this seed! The Chamber will be less than 50 blocks from Spawn on the surface. The most you’ll have to do is tunnel into the Chamber itself. Be careful, as there are several test generators that release skeletons with poison-tipped arrows.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Trial Chambers: 55, -24, 25

    bad omens

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: -6790634988129941564

    This Trial Room allows you to experience the full effect of Bad Omens. It’s directly below a raider outpost, so you can raid the outpost to collect the Ominous Bottles needed for the Bad Omen effect. Then, you can visit the nearby Savanna Village or Trial Chambers to play with the effect. It’s dangerous, but it will greatly increase your rewards.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Raiders Outpost: -426, 137
    Trial Chambers: -457, -30, 137
    Savannah Town: -361, 187

    Do you want to find Trial Courts in your current world? Check out How to Find and Start Test Chambers in Minecraft here on Pro Gaming Guides.

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