Best Minecraft 1.19 Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Bedrock and Java (April 2023)


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    The Wild in Minecraft Update 1.19 introduced players to unique types of biomes and features like mangroves and ancient cities. Mangrove swamps are essentially a better version of ordinary swamps, with deeper water, fish, frogs, and mangroves with their unique redwood all adding a breath of fresh life to these biomes. If you’re looking to explore new regions with this biome, check out this list of some of the best mangrove seeds in Minecraft 1.19 for Java and Bedrock.

    Best Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Seeds 1.19

    mangrove oasis

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -4260263706312461599

    A massive mangrove swamp surrounded by desert, temples, villages, and looting towers. It makes this swamp feel like the lifeblood of the surrounding area! Also, there are dozens of structures within the swamp, giving it a really unique and vibrant feel. One of our favorite Mangrove Swamp seeds.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mangrove swamp: 59, -349 Mangrove swamp: 59, -349
    Reaver’s Tower: 0, -192 desert temple:184, -168
    Village: 192, 16 Village:200, -328
    Ruined Gate: 184, -376 town 2: -328, -376
    desert temple: 712, -456 desert temple 2: -184, -504

    town on the water

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 249386829365641221

    This seed drops you right in the middle of a huge mangrove swamp. To the north of where you spawn, the mangrove swamp is separated by a normal swamp, so this is a good chance to see the old and new swamps in tandem. However, if you’re playing in Java, the best thing about this seed is the village that spawns near the mangrove, which appears to be completely floating on the water.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mangrove swamp: Appear Mangrove swamp: Appear
    Old City: 625 250 Village: 296 152
    Town on the water: -770 -100 Town/Witches’ Hut: -296 -1384
    Advanced: 1168 352 Old City: 1736 -184
    Village: 912 -416 Town/Outpost: 1848 -888

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    Village with a fortress next to a mangrove swamp

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 348722287802000751

    This is one of the best starting seeds for players looking to start a new game in a mangrove swamp biome. This seed not only spawns you near a town, there is also a fortress located underground, just below the town. Players will also find huge caves, coral reefs, and a shipwreck to boot. Because of this, this seed can also be beneficial for players looking to speedrun.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mangrove swamp: Appear Mangrove swamp: Appear
    Coral reef: 662 201 Village: 776 184
    Village: 776 204 Desert Village/Temple: 1416 -280
    Amethyst Geode: 358 31 116 Desert Village/Temple: 1320 -856
    jungle temple: 184 856 Village/jungle temple: 104 728

    mangrove swamp village

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 67561815575817929

    This seed spawns you in a mangrove swamp located in front of a beautiful waterfall. If you’re playing on Bedrock, you have the added bonus of spawning in a Mangrove Village! The Village comes with a Ruined Portal, and your spawn point will be near the mangrove swamp. A very good all-around seed, this one also gives you access to stalactite caves, dungeons, and looting outposts to loot valuable treasures.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Village: 608 80 Mangrove village: Appear
    Old City: -984 -51 216 Old City: -1055 -51 105
    Lush Cave: -375 -1115 Lush Cave: -375 -1115
    Dungeon: -141 -31 91 Village: 216 -456
    Ruined Gate: 8 280 Ruined Gate: 45 10

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    Mangrove Island Swamp Village

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 18858823450614215

    This seed spawns you in the middle of a land surrounded by water on almost all sides. Most importantly though, it features two large mangrove swamp biomes on either side of Plains Village. The large open area in the middle has more than enough space for you to build just about anything you want. In the ocean, an Ocean Monument, a couple of Ocean Ruins, and multiple shipwrecks await your perusal. If you play on Bedrock, you will also get a Ruined Portal right at the spawn location.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Town of the plains: Appear Mangrove swamps: Appear
    mangrove swamps: Appear double witches cabin: -424 -1,304
    Ocean Monument: 152 312 Lower Gate: 72 40
    Loot Post: 16 -1,328 Shipwreck: 120 -232
    Lower Gate: 728 760 Great Ruins: 88 -168

    Mangrove swamp near Windswept Savanna

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 15000029

    The reason we chose this seed is solely due to the aesthetic provided by the large, towering Windswept Savanna cliff, with a huge hole in the middle. However, beauty is not all that this seed contains. Directly in front of the great cliff is an active Village of the Plains. Near the town, players will find a large patch of the Mangrove Swamp biome. Adjacent to the mangrove swamp is a small patch of the swamp biome, where players can find a witch’s hut. Overall, the largely undulating terrain, along with the towering cliffs, make this seed one of the prettiest you’ll find.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mangrove swamp: Spawn North (+X) Mangrove swamp: Spawn North (+X)
    Witch cabin: 536 -232 buried treasure: -56 -56
    Town of the plains: 112 176 town of the plains: 200 264
    Ruined Gate: 120 104 ruined portal: 200 216
    buried treasure: -295 265 buried treasure: 392 8

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    mangrove oasis

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 971639062

    This seed spawns us in the middle of a large desert biome. But the interesting part of this seed is the large patch of Mangrove Swamp that spawns in the middle of the desert, creating the perfect oasis to build on. In terms of structures, there are two nearby towns, with town temples.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mangrove oasis: -264 -360 Mangrove oasis: -264 -360
    Desert temple/village: 240 0 Desert temple/village: -296 168
    Desert temple/village: 160 -752 Old City: 456 -51 936
    Village: -144 48 Desert temple/village: -248 -952
    desert temple: 360 360 Desert Town: 120 168

    massive mangrove swamp

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 224858193735191066

    This seed spawns you in a massive mangrove swamp that stretches almost 700 blocks from side to side. Other than that, other points of interest in this seed include a village with tons of crops, a nice flower forest, and looting outposts. Players can also find a shipwreck with buried treasure right next to it.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mangrove swamp: Spawn South (+Z) Mangrove swamp: Spawn South (+Z)
    Village: 208 352 Village: 216 -360
    Mansion: -856 376 Outpost/Village: 312 520
    Desert Village/Temple: 1120 160 Desert Village/Temple: 1272 -360
    Village: 272 -144 Strength: 1356 884

    Savannah hidden in mangrove forest

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 18014398544482574

    This seed spawns you in the middle of a large patch of mangrove swamp biome that wraps around a savannah biome. It’s perfect for building as it almost looks like a lost city hidden in the jungle. Also, you will find a massive mine shaft just below the spawn village, where you can find multiple open geodes and a stalactite cave.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mangrove swamp: Appear Mangrove swamp: Appear
    savanna town: Appear looting post: 312 152
    Savannah Town: 208 -304 Town of the plains: 376 -488
    ruined portal: 280 312 Ruined Gate: 264 8
    Diamond Fossil: 98 -54 -121 Shipwreck: 184 664

    Mangrove swamp with mansion

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 5454173288014282276

    Not many seeds will spawn you in front of a mansion or a mangrove. That’s what makes this seed so unique, as it spawns you not only near a mansion (in Bedrock), but also inside a mangrove swamp. The mansion isn’t in the Java version, but there are dozens of other useful structures near the spawn, including a set of four villages a couple of hundred blocks away. You will find many frogs in this biome. In the immediate vicinity, you will also find many bamboos. So if you want to start a new world with a mansion at your disposal from the start, this is the seed for you.

    Java Key Locations Key Bedrock Locations
    Mangrove swamp: West of Spawn (-X) Mangrove swamp: West of Spawn (-X)
    Quad Villages: -600 -1100 Bamboo Jungle: 28 79
    Desert Village/Temple + Fortress: 376 248 Mansion: 88 360
    Village: -912 112 Village: -216 920
    jungle temple: 376 248 jungle temple: -856 -296

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