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    Legendary weapons are some of the most sought-after loot in Baldur’s Gate 3, and for good reason. Nearly all of them have some effect that can dramatically alter how you approach your build. However, the best ones are so ridiculous that they even outclass other weapons in their own tier. Trying to make a build and looking for which legendary weapon you should use? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best Legendary weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    BG3 Best Legendary Weapons, Ranked

    The following legendary weapons serve as key pillars in specific builds, but can also generally be used by most setups in the game due to their unique properties.

    Tier Weapon
    S Markoheshkir, Nyrulna
    A Crimson Mischief, Duelist’s Prerogative, Balduran’s Giantslayer, Gontr Mael
    B Seline’s Spear of Night, Shar’s Spear of Evening

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    S Tier


    Markoheskir has two factors that make the weapon. The first is called Arcane Battery, which allows you to freely cast any spell in the game once per Long Rest. The second, and most important, is Kereska’s Favor. This spell imbues you with an element of your choice, granting significant resistance to that element and the ability to invoke two high-level spells of that element, once per turn. Being able to cast Chain Lightning once every turn is ridiculous alone, making this staff the best in the legendary business.


    A unique trident that is high on this list due to the extreme versatility it offers the wielder. Its unique mechanic, Zephyr Connection, gives the wielder immunity to being Disarmed and causes the weapon to automatically return upon being thrown. Additionally, anytime Nyrulna is thrown at a location, a 6m Thunder blast will be generated at that location, dealing moderate damage, and allowing for melee-focused builds to have significant ranged power on-hand.

    To add a bit of spice, Zephyr Break deals decent damage, pushes enemies back, and potentially knocks struck targets Off Balance. Zephr Flash, on the other hand, functions like a unique charge that rushes the wielder forward, knocking away enemies, while also inflicting the Bleed status.

    A Tier

    Crimson Mischief

    A simple Shortsword that offers two different core effects depending on which hand is used to wield it. If used in the Main Hand, you’ll get access to Redvein Savagery, which causes successful Advantage attacks to deal an additional seven Piercing damage. The type of attack doesn’t matter, which means even spells will take advantage of this raw damage increase. Raw damage boots like this are incredibly rare in Dungeons and Dragons, and for BG3, this is no exception.

    If wielded in the Off-Hand, Crimsom Weapon, instead, takes effect. When making an attack with the Off-Hand weapon, the wielder can add their Ability Modifier to the damage of the attack. This significantly boosts the power of Off-Hand attacks, but I personally find this effect ultimately inferior to the Main-Hand’s effect. Note that only one of the effects can ever be active.

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    Duelist’s Prerogative

    The Duelist’s Prerogative serves to massive boost the power of your attacks when wielding just this weapon. This is done in several ways, as the weapon contains two mechanics to keep track off:

    • Elegant Duellist – When your Off-Hand is empty, increases your Critical Hit chance by 5%. A nice bonus, but not the main course.
    • Withering Cut: – Allows you to use a Reaction to deal additional Necrotic Damage equal to your Proficiency Bonus. This is a massive, massive damage increase and is one of the main reasons this weapon is included on this list.

    Beyond these two passives, Duelist’s Prerogative also offers two unique abilities of note:

    • Dueller’s Enthusiasm – Once per Long Rest, allows the wielder to make an additional attack.
    • Challenge to Duel – Effectively, this is a taunt that also inflicts the Bleeding status on the target. Very useful.

    If Dueller’s Enthusiasm was not limited to once per Long Rest, it would have been easy to place Duelist’s Prerogative in S Tier. Still, even with the limitation, it is one of the best legendary weapons in the game.

    Balduran’s Giantslayer

    As the name suggests, this legendary is all about slaying the giant enemies that roam Baldur’s Gate 3. Despite this focus, however, the weapon’s core strength comes from the Giantslayer ability, which allows for the wielder to double their damage from their Strength modifier. Very strong, if not a bit simple. Still, no need to complicate ‘hit big things real hard’.

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    Gontr Mael

    Radiant damage is a fairly rare damage type in BG3, but Gontre Mael wields the holy element in spades. Promised Victory, its main mechanic, grants hits a high chance to inflict Guiding Bolt on the target. Guiding Bolt is what deals the additional Radiant damage, but it also gives the wielder Advantage against the target on their very next Attack roll. The final icing on the cake is the bow has access to the Haste spell through its Celestial Haste ability.

    The bow offers a lot of utility but ultimately falls short on damage when compared to other weapons on this list. Still, if you’ve got an open bow slot, or bows are paramount to your build, you can’t go wrong with Gontr Mael.

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    B Tier

    Seline’s Spear of Night

    A decent spear that grants the wielder Darkvision and the Moonbeam spell to cast as core functionality. While it doesn’t offer much else in terms of usefulness, the spear works well with most traditional builds, as the mechanic offerings are minimal, making the weapon easier to slot in.

    Shar’s Spear of Evening

    This spear grants the wielder Advantage and a solid damage bonus against targets Lightly or Heavily Obscured. Additionally, and most importantly, it grants the wielder total immunity to the Blindness status effect. Like with the previously mentioned weapon, it is solid for what it does, and its simplistic nature allows it to fit right into any build.

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