Best Leatherface Builds in Texas Chainsaw Massacre



    Leatherface is the man behind the murders in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Over the years, he became a staple of the horror genre with his trademark face mask and the infamous chainsaw. Leatherface is, without a doubt, my favorite Family member not only for his brute strength and imposing presence but thanks for his ability to destroy the Victim’s escape routes. This guide will give you some of the best Leatherface builds we could get together in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Best Leatherface Builds

    The best Leatherface Builds in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will revolve around his two primary strengths, which are straightforward – destroy escape routes using his main ability and hunt Victims down. Since he will be the team’s primary damage dealer, getting perks will help him kill the Victims more effectively.

    Leatherface Damage build in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Leatherface Damage skill tree in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Image by MyFullGames
    • At the first branching, I chose the Tracker Tagged perk, which allows me to highlight the Victim I managed to land a hit on for other Family members to see.
    • Moving on to Animal Farm, I chose to go up from picking Feral at the second branching point, increasing my Savagery by three at the first level.
    • I took a quick path to the right, picking a single attribute point and then Big Swings Perk, which increased my attack damage by 10% at the expense of increased stamina consumption.
    • At the next fork, I took Master Key, an incredibly useful perk that allows me to go through latched doors instantly.
    • Following the path up and right at the next fork, I chose Well Fed Young’uns, providing other Family members with 50 stamina.
    • Going up and then right, I chose a 2 Cycle Charge, which regenerates my Stamina 10% faster while revving my chainsaw.
    • Going at the final fork, I went left, picking Savagery, which boosts my damage by 10% in the unlikely event that one of the Victims dares to stun me.
    • As a final Perk choice, I picked Brute Strength, which boosts melee damage for all Family members.

    Best Leatherface Perks for Damage build in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    When choosing Perks, the best perks for the Damage-oriented Leatherface build in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are the following:

    • Big Swings: With multiple instances of Savagery, the Big Swings Perk will ensure you take the Victims down quickly due to a damage buff.
    • Tracker Tagged: Hitting Victims highlights them for other Family members to see. This Perk is very useful, granting other players a chance to finish the Victim off if they happen to escape you.
    • Pack Animal: after being hit with a sneak attack, the Victim will be highlighted for three seconds to all Family members.

    Best Leatherface Attributes for Damage build in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    For choosing where to assign points for the Leatherface damage build in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I chose primarily Savagery and Endurance, specifically favoring the latter to alleviate some of the stamina strain caused by the use of the Big Swings perk.

    Leatherface Utility build in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    An alternate way of using Leatherface has him built for Utility in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by primarily using his chainsaw to destroy the Victim’s passageways and Skull Tables. Having the Master Key Perk as an option to barge into the latched doors in Leatherface’s lair quickly offers a chance for a quick takedown of at least one Victim right at the round start, which alleviates the pressure on the rest of the Family later in the game.

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