Best Knight Build in Ragnarok Origin


    Ragnarok Origin is a mobile MMORPG that grew out of the Ragnarok Online franchise. This cute free anime game has more depth than meets the eye, with branching character classes and a plethora of abilities and playstyles for everyone. The classes follow traditional fantasy tropes, with Swordsman soon branching out into Knight and Crusader classes. So if chivalry is your chosen path, you may be wondering what is the best knight build in Ragnarok Origin.

    Best Ragnarok Origin Knight Build

    The best Ragnarok Origin Knight build is going to depends on your goals in the game and the way you play, but it will likely fall into one of two categories, either Tank either cross build. These are the two best Knight builds and which one you choose will depend on whether you want to focus on protection (tank) or harm (grinding).

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    Best Ragnarok Origin Tank Knight Build

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    If you like protect your friends and guildmates in Ragnarok Origin, the Knight tank build will let you do just that. you will stay with the traditional one handed sword and shield combo and put the vast majority of your stat points into Vitality. This will maximize your survival, allowing you to focus on drawing mobs away from your softer DPS teammates. You want to have at least 10+ Dexterity too, so turn that up as you go. Beyond that, it’s a personal choice between adding a few Strength to help out in the damage department or further improve your defensive side with some points in Intelligence to help with Magic Defense.

    Ragnarok Origin Tank Knight Abilities

    For swordsman skills, max out Tried and fatal blowas well as Endure. To provoke It’s also important to its role, as it can lure targets into attacking it, so put some points into that (but not necessarily max it out until you can afford it later). mastery of the sword is just as desirable as Taunt, so pick them both up more or less in unison. Once you get to the Knight skills, max out resistant blow since it reduces the damage you take. Increase your profit by maximizing Iron will (You will get a shield when health is low.) You will also want to put points in Lion roarwhich helps you attract mobs and is also powered up by Iron Will. charge attack It’s important, and it’s just a point, so get it as soon as possible.

    Best Ragnarok Origin Pierce Knight Build

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    If you’re primarily playing to level up solo and rack up as many mobs as possible, the Grinding Knight build can bring about maximum carnage. Here you better go with the spear option to bring the brandished spear skill in play. To maximize this build, you need to maximize your Strength to do maximum damage. Be sure to upload too Skill to at least 10+ and put the spare points in Vitality as you need.

    Ragnarok Origin Pierce Knight Abilities

    Pierce Knights needs to focus on Pierce’s abilities instead. max out Endure and HP recoveryas he needs survivability from abilities due to his lack of vitality in his stats. You will need to Horse riding and to the maximum knight’s domain to get to brandished spear, which you’ll want to max out to maximize the damage potential of your main attack. Also, getting to 10 in Spear Mastery and punch combo to further increase your damage potential, and don’t forget a point in charge attack.

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