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    The Demon Hunter is an infamous hero class that was introduced with the release of WoW Legion. Unique in that he’s one of only two classes to only have two different specs, his talent choices tend to be more variant than others. Of the two, the Havoc spec is the one that focuses on dealing damage. If you’re interested in playing one, here are some of the best builds you can run in Dragonflight.

    Strongest Havoc Demon Hunter Talent Builds In WoW Dragonflight

    Havoc Demon Hunters are the demons of speed and attack in WoW Dragonflight, and as a DPS, their job is to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time. They heavily favor constant damage, but pack a good dose of burst when it’s really needed. His builds heavily focus on Momentum, a high investment talent that provides an 8% universal damage increase whenever it is active.

    overall game:

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    This is an overall Havoc Demon Hunter build that focuses on being decent in all forms of content within Dragonflight. The core of this build is to prioritize maintaining Momentum while maintaining its Metamorphosis via Eye Beam and Cycle of Hatred. Also, by using the culminating ability, Essence Break during demonic processes through the use of Eye Beam, you can unleash a large amount of burst damage on a single target or in AoE (Area of ​​Effect). This is a good all-round build that won’t steer you wrong.

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    One big weakness of this build is that it’s missing Fodder to the Flame, which summons a demon that you can instantly kill with your glaive to grant you your 20% innate damage boost for being a demon hunter, and a whopping 25% damage boost. healing. It is possible to substitute Glaive Tempest instead, if you prefer to have more single target damage versus AoE damage.

    Standard AOE construction

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    This build prioritizes heavy AOE damage in situations that rely on it, such as the Prime Council encounter in the Vault of the Incarnate raid and in Mythic+. Using Ragefire in conjunction with Soulrend and Burning Wound, you will be able to deal massive damage to large groups of enemies. Also, this spec still works solidly in single target situations due to the addition of reasonably powerful DoTs (Damage Over Time) via Soulrend and Burning Wound. Keep in mind that Essence Break and Momentum are still key factors in dealing competitive damage. This build also uses Any Means Necessary, a talent that changes your entire non-physical damage ability into Chaos, allowing those abilities to gain massively in effectiveness from your Mastery stat. Any means necessary drastically improves Mastery’s value as a stat.

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    A key weakness of this build is the lack of a powerful Eye Beam. The ability is quite weak, and is only used right before Essence Break so that it can activate Demonic and allow it to use the Essence Break window to deal damage during Metamorphosis.

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