Best Fanatic Preacher Build in Warhammer 40k Darktide


    Warhammer 40k Darktide allows you to choose one of four character classes to play as. All four classes have a distinct playstyle attached to them. The Ogre Skullbreaker is a heavy tank and the bulwark of your line. Veteran Sharpshooter is a provider of ranger firepower, while Psyker brings Warp powers into the mix. The Zealot Preacher not only brings a nice mix of firepower and melee capabilities, but also has perhaps the most unique playstyle of all the classes.

    The most effective gear for the fanatic preacher in Warhammer 40k Darktide

    The most effective loadout for the Fanatic Preacher in Warhammer 40k Darktide would be the one that complements his position in the team, which is not clearly defined at first glance. They really do belong somewhere between Ogryn Skullbreaker and Veteran Sharpshooter. Here is the best weapon build for the Zealot Preacher:

    • melee weapon: Thunder Hammer/Eviscerator
    • ranged weapon: Bolter/Flamethrower

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    The Zealot Preacher really is a jack of all trades, being able to provide some serious firepower with the Boltgun, or crowd control with the Flamer. At the same time, he can definitely hold his own in melee and provide a huge source of damage to a single target with the Thunder Hammer, or shred multiple opponents with his Eviscerator.

    The best choice for feats is based on the flexibility of the class, as well as the weapons you will be using. This is the best combination of feats we found for the fanatic preacher.

    • Level 5: Enemies within, enemies without
    • Level 10: Punishment
    • Level 15: inspiring excoriation
    • Level 20: your anger be swift
    • Level 25: growing conviction
    • Level 30: fury of the faithful

    The selected feat choice allows you to play primarily at close range, while still being able to take out opponents with the Flamer. Alternatively, if you prefer to build your Zealot with the Boltgun, you can take the Emperor’s Executioner at Level 25.

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