Best Exoprimal Suit: Every Exosuit, Ranked


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    There are several classes of exosuits to use in Exoprimal, each powerful and essential in its own way and field. The class you play in is important for the balance of your team, but choosing the right outfit is also important. Each class has several different Exosuit options, each with different abilities and skills. We have a list of the suits that we think are the best in the game right now based on how powerful and useful they are to your team.

    List of all levels of Exoprimal Exosuits

    This is our tier list of what we think are the best suits currently in the game, ranked from Tier S to Tier B. This is based solely on our opinion of which suits we think are the most powerful and useful in battle. However, that does not mean that your opinion may differ due to your own personal experience. Take a look at the list below and test yourself to decide what you think is best:

    levels exosuits
    S-level deadeye, barricade, witch doctor
    A-level Watcher, Zephyr, Krieger, Nimbus
    B-level Flurry, Murasame, Skywave

    Exosuits compare best when placed in their proper classes, which is why we categorize them as such below. Take a look to help you decide which outfit you should wear for each class, and decide if you agree with our rankings.

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    All Exo Assault Suits In Exoprimal, Ranked


    Deadeye is at the top of our Assault Exosuits list because he’s a perfectly balanced soldier for battle, with consistent firepower and dash techniques that allow you to move across the battlefield quickly and take down enemies at a fast pace. constant. He can easily sit behind your tank and take down enemies without overheating or major reload delays, which is why he is one of the best Assault options.


    Vigilant is a sniper, which means accuracy is key. However, it also means great damage if you hit your shots directly. He is a confident Assault figure, sitting back and taking down enemies from above. However, he will likely work a bit slower than Deadeye to do so, so it’s probably a good idea to play Vigilant solo when he’s paired with another rapid-fire Assault.


    Zephyr is the speedy swordsman of the Assault Exosuits, and while this means fun melee combat, it can also mean riskier behavior. Zephyr is more than capable of dealing damage with his slashes and punches, but he’ll need a diligent healer to watch his back as he puts himself in danger more often than other Assault suits.


    Explosives mean big damage, which is what makes Barrage such a powerful unit, but it will take practice to get the full potential out of his crossbow. Barrage can be one of the hardest characters to get out of Assault suits, and that’s because you’ll need to be precise with his crossbow shots and detonate them at the right time to maximize the damage from him correctly. Until he gets some practice, he’ll probably notice a lot of missed shots.

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    Every Tank Exosuit In Exoprimal, Ranked


    As a tank, damage isn’t always a priority. Your goal is to draw enemy fire so you can set your team up for the advantage, which is why Roadblock is the best suit for the job. His large shield allows you to block incoming fire, and his taunt draws in enemies, protecting your allies and creating the perfect moment for them to attack. Additionally, your Shield Blast and Haymaker moves will push back any approaching enemies and deal decent damage.


    Unlike Roadblock, Krieger is a suit focused on dealing a lot of damage. The machine gun on him allows for accelerated firepower that can quickly take down enemies. And he has a longer range defensive field that spreads out in an area, protecting your allies in a larger radius. However, the only major flaw of him is overheating him, which can temporarily delay his attacks and potentially endanger his teammates, which is why he is still slightly underrated in my opinion. Roadblock.

    wall me

    Mursame is a short range Tank Suit, wielding a powerful katana that has decent AoE potential. He is probably the fastest of the Tanks, running and spinning around enemies with quick and precise movements. While this could be useful for distracting enemies and keeping them away from others, his defensive techniques such as his block are also the smallest of the tank units. He may have a harder time deflecting shots than the other options, and if you don’t have the perfect team composition, he’s probably not the best first choice.

    All Support Exosuits In Exoprimal, Ranked

    Medicine man

    Witchdoctor is top of stand solely based on the heals they can provide. Out of all the healers, her heals are arguably the most useful for healing multiple allies at once, like her AoE healing circle. While their regular attacks may seem inferior to Nimbus’s, their dinosaur control is what continues to make them one of the best and most fun supports to play.


    Nimbus is one of my favorite support suits to play, and that’s because of his speed and teleportation. She can provide damage and healing in a battle, switching back and forth as needed, which is one of the reasons she’s so valuable. However, I think Witchdoctor still slightly outclasses her simply because her heals lack range and area of ​​effect, and she can easily get trapped, dealing more damage while her teammates take a heavy hit.

    sky wave

    Skywave has some great buffs and debuffs to use in battle, confusing enemies and peppering allies and enemies with damaging and healing effects at the same time. While the buff from her can be useful, you’ll need the right combination of Assault and Tank with her for the best results. His heals can be a bit slower than the rest and requires a bit more precision with his splash radius, which is why I feel like he falls to the bottom of the list here.

    Let us know if you agree with our rankings in the comments below. More exosuits may be added to the game in the future, so check back for updated rankings as well. Sometimes the best exosuit and class is determined by your own ability to play them, so try them all and decide for yourself.

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