Best CS2 console commands for noclip, grenade, fps and more


    The best console commands in CS2 can completely change your experience, whether it’s improving your overall FPS, helping you with those all-important grenade lineups, or giving you more detail while playing. Providing information.

    Counter Strike is a very flexible game that lets you play with aspects that would normally be reserved for developers. Whether it’s simple info improvements, custom keybinds, or even ‘cheats’, you can mess up a lot in the game if you know the right command.

    Thankfully, we’ve got all the best console commands in CS2 below, so you can play around with the game and enable some helpful settings.

    How to use console commands in CS2

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    Using console commands in CS2 is very easy, as all you need to do is Press the ‘~’ key in the upper left corner of your keyboard, and a window should open.

    You also need to make sure that ‘Enable Developer Console’ is set to ‘Yes’ In game settings. This can be found by opening, selecting Settings from the main menu. ‘the game’ tab, and then it will be the sixth option in the list.

    Once the developer console window opens, just type any of the commands below and they should activate. Some console commands in Counter-Strike 2 will not be able to be used in online matches, and some will also require cheats to be enabled. The game will tell you if this is the case, so you’ll always know why something isn’t working.

    Finally, many console commands require true/false or 1/0 after them. It all boils down to turning them on and off, so make sure to use true/1 to keep the command enabled and false/0 to disable it.

    What are the best CS2 console commands?

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    Here are some of the best Counter-Strike 2 console commands you can use in your competitive and premier games:

    More console commands below…
    console command The effect
    fps_max [x] Sets the game’s maximum fps value. Change it. [x] With the number you want – 400 improves performance in CS2 for some people.
    +cl_show_team_equipment Displays your team’s current equipment on top of their game model.
    cq_netgraph 1 The top left shows your latency in a graph – although very different from the net_graph command in CS:GO.
    cl_showfps 1 The left side shows your current in-game framerate – useful if you don’t want to use third-party software
    tie up [action] [x] Adds an in-game action to any key press (temporary). Change it. [action] With the action you want to do (jump, throw) and [x] The key you want to use.
    sound_modifiable [true/false] Enables or disables voice chat, if your teammates are speaking a little too loudly.
    r_drawtracers_firstperson [1/0] Enables or disables the visual bullet tracer for your player.
    Sensitivity [x] Change the sensitivity in your game. [x] with desired value. Helpful if you need to change it quickly without going through the menu
    cl_disable_ragdolls [1/0] Enable or disable ragdoll physics in game – disabling it improves performance.
    console command The effect
    viewmodel_fov [x] Adjust by changing your field of view value. [x] with the desired fo
    Speaker_Configuration 2 Improves sound quality in CS2.
    snd_voipvolume [x] Change and adjust the volume of Team Voice Chat. [x] with a number between 0 and 1
    Disconnect Disconnect from your current online session early – you’ll still incur leave penalties.
    Leave Drop to the desktop in one simple input.

    Freecam console commands in CS2

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    If you want to take some nice screenshots of all the new CS2 maps, or just practice your observation skills, check out the best freecam console commands in Counter-Strike 2 here:

    console command The effect
    sv_cheats 1 Enables cheating in offline games. Using the 1 variable turns it on.
    cl_drawhud false Disables the in-game HUD.
    mp_drop_knife_enable 1 Allows you to drop your knife.
    noclip Lets you fly without collision to get those perfect angles.
    God Gives the player god mode, where they will not take any incoming damage.
    Level of change [x] Change map quickly. Change it. [x] With map code – defusal maps always have ‘de_’ before the name, so de_nuke for Nuke
    r_draw other models 2 Displays an outline of all players, useful for observation.

    I took all the screenshots in this guide using the commands listed in the table above, and I love using them because they let you get some great screenshots to share with your friends.

    In CS:GO, you also had to use console commands to increase the round time, but in CS2 you need to do just that. ‘practice’ tab, and then Activate ‘Infinite Warm Up’ Left side option.

    Best CS2 Console Commands for Grenade Practice

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    There’s no better way to execute these all-important grenade lineups than with console commands, so be sure to use each one listed below when you’re testing them out in Counter-Strike 2:

    console command The effect
    bound P “sv_cheats 1; noclip” Toggle the noclip effect with the ‘P’ key, useful for throwing long grenades. If desired, replace the ‘P’ in the command with another key.
    Bind O “sv_rethrow_last_grenade” Re-throws your last grenade when the ‘O’ key is pressed, which is very helpful for seeing flashbang effects. If desired, replace the ‘O’ in the command with another key.
    bot_place Place a boot where your crosshairs are aimed. Helpful for one-way smoking or molotov testing

    You’ll also want to make sure that the ‘Grenade Camera‘,’Unlimited ammo, And’Unlimited warm-up‘ are enabled when choosing your map in the ‘Practice’ tab, as they will give you unlimited time, unlimited grenades, and allow you to see where your grenade will land.

    All Counter Strike 2 boot console commands

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    If you want to play with bots in CS2, make sure you use all the commands below:

    console command The effect
    bot_add Adds bots to your game.
    bot_kick Kick all bots from your game.
    bot_place Place a boot where your crosshairs are aimed.
    bot_mimic 1 Allows all bots in the server to mimic your movements.
    boot_stop 1 Disables the movement of all bots in the server. Replace 1 with 0 to re-enable movement.

    Is CS2 a left-handed viewmodel console command?

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    Unfortunately it is There is no left-hand view model console command. Right now in Counter-Strike 2, as it was removed in the switch from CS:GO to CS2.

    In CS:GO and previous Counter Strike games, you were able to use the ‘cl_righthand 0’ command to change the view model of the gun from right to left, simulating a left-handed user.

    It was useful for people who were left-dominant, good for right-hand corner peeping, and looked great too. While it’s not confirmed to be coming to CS2 in the future, it would be surprising if it’s never added to the game again, so we’ll let you know when we get any new information.

    So, it covers everything you need to know about console commands in Counter-Strike 2, giving you great options for competitive games, freecam use, grenade practice, and more. Is.

    Find out if a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass is available here, or check out the rest of the helpful guides on our Counter-Strike homepage.


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